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June 26, 2023
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167 Raw is a family-owned business established in 1978 by Bill Sandole as a fresh fish & meat wholesaler. It was known as East Coast Provisions & Seafood Co. The demand for fresh fish from ordinary islanders led him to shift his entire operation to retail after 18 years as a wholesaler. His son, Jesse Sandole, took over the running of the business years later and has steered it to new heights.

Under Jesse’s guidance and vision, the business rebranded, taking up its 167 Hummock Pond Rd address as part of its official business name – 167 Raw. He has also incorporated new lines of business and ventured into the Charleston, South Carolina market, establishing the enterprise as one of Nantucket’s most coveted exports.


167 Raw continues to provide fresh New England seafood and meat in addition to new products and services. These include homemade cuisines, drinks, groceries, herbs, condiments, homemade & packaged snacks, merchandise, and private catering services.

The business employs knowledgeable and friendly full-time and seasonal staff to help with its operations. The team offers quality and timely service to customers and their pets; thus, you are guaranteed satisfactory service.

Fish Market

The fish market runs daily, nine months a year. It has varied season opening dates and time schedules. Check out 167 Raw’s website and socials for updated schedules.

In the store, you’ll find swordfish, tunas, salmon, codfish, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, flounders, scallops, halibuts, and caviars as part of the rich seafood catalog. If you are a meat lover, walk-in for steaks, ribs, lamb racks, pork chops, hamburger patties, sausages, bacon, duck breasts, and more.

So fresh is the fish & meat at the market that the food store hangs a funny poster on the counter that reads:

“Anyone who asks, “Is the Fish Fresh?” must go to the end of the line .”

As such, you are guaranteed to find only freshly sourced gourmet foods at 167 Raw.

The beverages menu features a wide range of bottled and canned drinks, from sodas, wines, beers, and cocktails.

Market Garden

The market garden at 167 Raw Nantucket is simply immaculate. The elegantly designed outdoor spot features umbrella-shaded picnic tables set in an enclosed area and serve as seating space for customers dining at the facility. The market garden is also available for renting out to clients having private clambakes.

Extra seating space is available in the tent dining area, perfect for times of inclement weather.

Food Truck

The food truck began operations in 2015 and was one of 167 Raw’s longstanding desires. The enthusiastic staff at the food truck prepare delicious seafood cuisines and snacks, including sandwiches, burgers, tacos, tortilla chips, Hawaiian Ahi Pokes, and guacamoles.

Raw Bar

The raw bar opened in 2010 and operates between May and October. It serves freshly shelled oysters outside the fish store over the weekends through to Monday. You can enjoy oysters alongside a plethora of cocktails brewed at the facility. Oyster shells are available for your pets.

Catering Service

167 Raw offers a comprehensive private catering service where you can outsource your entire catering requirements to the 167 Raw talented team. The service includes delivering dinner parties, clambakes, and other events via custom menus. Alternatively, you can opt for the in-house catering service by renting the 167 market garden for your private event.

You can also inquire about mobile boat services offered through the 167 Raw bar boat if you wish to have your delicacies delivered within the Nantucket coast.

Contact the catering wing of 167 Raw Nantucket via email to get a detailed list of services and budgets that would suit your personal event function.

Promotions, Programs & Merchandise

167 Raw runs different seasonal promotions and programs. Look out for discounts on wines, groceries, and other products at the culmination of each season, where you can save up to 30% on regular pricing.

The food market also runs different holiday programs, including custom holiday menus and a caviar program on July 4th, where customers preorder caviar egg varietals.

Islanders like to adorn merchandise from the celebrated Nantucket business. If you wish to join the trend, 167 Raw sells branded merchandise, including hats, hoodies, aprons, koozies, carrier bags, bumper stickers, and more. Look out for occasional online giveaway promotions where customers can win assorted merchandise.

167 Raw Nantucket partners with other local businesses, such as For Now, and together run custom promotions with giveaways and other exciting rewards for participants.


167 Raw won two ‘Best of Nantucket’ 2022 awards for its dual operations, the Fish Market and the Food Truck, cementing its reputation as one of Nantucket’s best product and service providers.

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