A Taste of Nantucket: Exceptional Event Planning and Catering Services
June 20, 2023
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If you’re organizing a special event, it’s best to look for a company that can take care of all the details, including decorations, catering, venue, and other essential elements. This will eliminate the need to coordinate different companies to create a synergy, which can be quite tasking. With a multi-faceted company, you will rest assured there is no conflict of interest and minimal effort will be required from your end.

In Nantucket, A Taste of Nantucket is your go-to solution. It is a full-service catering company and event planning business capable of handling parties of up to 800 persons. You may acquire their services either as a unit or whole package. Be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, engagement, clambake, corporate event, intimate dinner party, or cocktail gathering, the company can help make your day unforgettable.

A Taste of Nantucket is locally owned. Thus, its owners know the ins and outs of the island. They can give valuable advice on where, when and how to hold your event for the best outcome. They also offer plenty of magnificent beach locations for your event. Their private dining room is available if you would rather have it indoors.

You may devise a décor design of your choice or choose one from their various setups for different occasions. Their décor team’s artistry, imagination and creativity result in spectacular event setups.

For food, A Taste of Nantucket will curate a menu based on what you want and your budget. Their catering team comprises great chefs whose creations have often received much customer praise. The company understands that food is an integral part of any event. Thus, they put their best foot forward to ensure your guests will not only satiate their hunger but also remember how good the food was for a long time. Moreover, their waiting staff is efficient, and their presentation is glorious. They give guests a hearty, hospitable reception and provide the best service. You may contact the company to sample some of their most popular dishes and get a sneak peek of their services.

Besides event planning and catering, A Taste of Nantucket provides aircraft catering. You may ask them to prepare meals and deliver them to your aircraft. It doesn’t matter how much food or how many items you would like, they will always deliver as long as you place your order in good time.

A Taste of Nantucket can also help stock your fridge with groceries or meals of your choice. Their fine food and excellent services have earned them a wide client base and enabled them to remain in business for quite a long time. They pride themselves in serving the island and beyond for over two decades. Visit their website to see more of what they do and book their services.

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