Bartlett’s Farm, Nantucket
December 7, 2022
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Bartlett’s Farm is Nantucket’s oldest and biggest family-owned and operated farm, market, and garden shop. It is located on the south side of Nantucket, which is known for its lovely setting.

They are a family farm that has been in operation for seven generations, and their 125 acres of land on Nantucket are used to cultivate crops, including their famed corn and tomatoes, as well as flower bouquets and decorative plants.

On-site grocery store and deli are also available at Bartlett’s Farm, which provides comprehensive shopping convenience. Be it only for a day at the beach or for the duration of the entire summer, their market has everything you could possibly want, including alcoholic beverages, wines, and household items.

Lunch options at Barttlett’s include lobster rolls, clam chowder, and sandwiches, while weekday dinner specialties include prime rib on Tuesdays. Their full-service kitchen provides breakfast sandwiches, muffins, and pastries for takeout, as well as coffee and tea.

The Garden Center is a must-see for everything you need to build and manage your garden.

You can drive or ride your bike over to the farm to take in the picturesque vista, let the kids play on the playground, eat lunch on the way to the beach, go shopping for the perfect present, or even be married here!

This is your one-stop shop for all things related to the picnic. Sandwiches and salads prepared on the farm, specialty cheeses, chips, and dips are all made in-house. Breads that have just been made, deli meats, sweets that may be taken on the move, and more. Bring a bottle of craft beer or a bottle of crisp rose to finish off your picnic, and then head to the beach, which is only a half mile down the road.

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