Brant Point Beach, Nantucket
July 8, 2023
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Brant Point Beach is in the mouth of Nantucket Harbor, at Brant Point Lighthouse. It is among Nantucket’s south shore beaches lying on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the North Shore beaches, which are protected by the Nantucket Sound, South Shore beaches are open to the ocean and thus experience stronger currents and waves. Therefore, swimming or surfing at Brant Point Beach is not advisable unless you are an expert. Besides, the beach often experiences high boat traffic, and no lifeguards are on site.

Instead, you may enjoy a walk on the beach, collect shells or relax and watch colorful sunsets & sunrises, boats passing by, and artists painting the lighthouse. As there is only so much you can do at the beach, it is rarely crowded. This allows you to find plenty of space all to yourself. You may use it to get lost in a good book or simply delight in the beach’s unadulterated serene nature.

If you visit in June, you will encounter alluring wild roses whose sweet fragrance and the wonderful smell of the ocean will stimulate your senses.

Ensure to carry along your camera, as there are plenty of picturesque spots on the beach. It is among the most photographed places on the island. Besides photoshoots, you may hold special events, such as weddings. However, you need to seek the Coast Guard’s permission beforehand.

The beach is easily accessible via walking, biking, or driving from town. It features facilities including a bike rack, boardwalk, and parking. Driving on the beach is prohibited; thus, you must leave your car and walk to the beach.

The Brant Point Lighthouse is about 200 meters from the beach. To access it, you may walk through the beach’s loose sand. Most people go to the lighthouse to wave goodbye to their loved ones leaving on the Steamship Ferry and take more photos – it makes for the perfect backdrop. However, you cannot go inside or climb it; you may only walk around it and hang out at its periphery.

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