Charlie Noble Nantucket
January 14, 2023
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On South Water Street, you’ll find the Charlie Noble, a seafood marketplace that caters to families and is named like the smokestack of a ship’s galley. This restaurant is run by the same people who are responsible for Nantucket’s famous B-ACK Yard BBQ.

The cuisine served at The Charlie Noble is an authentic fusion of traditional and innovative New England regional fare. They provide a raw bar all day long in addition to other delicious dishes, including chorizo stuffies, whole belly clams, bluefish pate, and fried chicken that they make in-house. They offer an atmosphere that is informal while still being comfortable. The restaurant places a priority on quality and service.

The neighborhood folks are really enthusiastic about this establishment. We found this restaurant to be somewhat more affordable than others on Nantucket, despite the fact that the island as a whole is known for its high prices. If you sit in the far back, you’ll get a great view of the ocean.


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