Chicken Box, Nantucket
December 2, 2022
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If you’ve ever visited Nantucket outside of the summer tourist season, you’re probably aware of how quiet it can be there. Nevertheless, it is comforting to learn that the city still maintains a certain amount of positive energy and enjoyment. The Chicken Box is a pub and live music venue that also has darts, pool, and a wide variety of sporting events for those who are interested in participating in or watching them.

Over the course of more than half a century, “the Box” has been a beloved Nantucket tradition. According to what is said on their website, the Box promises that their establishment “will always be an unpretentious, pleasant, and peaceful area where people from all walks of life come for fun and entertainment.”

If you want ice-cold beer, a little bit of fun, and a lot of energy, then The Chicken Box won’t let you down. The staff is kind and in a good mood. And don’t worry, they always have a decent whiskey or tequila to shoot, so there’s a little bit for everyone there.

Be sure to check out The Box’s extensive live music program, (whether you’re in Nantucket or plan to come here) which features performances by a wide variety of bands and musicians, including Ziggy Marley, The Revivalists, Galactic, Citizen Cope, and many more. The music playing in the background is always of high quality, even when there isn’t a live band there; therefore, the pub is usually always packed.

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