Dan Lemaitre, Nantucket
April 21, 2023

Dan LeMaitre is a professional photographer whose roots lie in Nantucket Island. Growing up with the Atlantic in his blood, Dan discovered his passion for photography when he was just fourteen. With an old film camera, he quickly discovered a unique talent for capturing the ocean. Drawing on his travels, surfing, and exploration of distant shores, Dan has created a stunning gallery of his work on Easy Street.

Nantucket has been a part of Dan’s life from the start. As he grew, his relationship with the sea intensified. He found a film camera in his childhood home and started experimenting with it. His love for the ocean and photography drove him to explore different parts of the world, from Australia and California to Indonesia, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and the Baja Peninsula.

Ten years later, Dan’s passion has brought him success. He has become an expert in commercial photography and opened a gallery of his prints in Nantucket. The images, taken both at home and abroad, display Dan’s unique approach to capturing the beauty of the ocean.

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