Dionis Beach, Nantucket
May 19, 2023
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A mere three miles from the hustle and bustle of town lies Dionis, a small area made up primarily of sandy paths and peaceful neighborhoods. It’s the perfect place to get away from it all and offers a sense of serenity.

Dionis Beach resides on the western side of the north shore, with picturesque bluffs rising up in the background. Sheltered by dunes, the conditions are ideal for swimming with calm, clear waters and hard-packed sand. It’s a great spot for beachcombing, too, with plenty of shells to be found. At low tide, a shallow sandbar appears, making it a popular spot for paddle boarding. Dionis also boasts an incredible view of boats sailing in and out of Nantucket Harbor in the distance. For those brave enough to take a dip, watch out for the beautiful yet aggressive lady crabs that take up residence here. All in all, Dionis Beach is the perfect spot for a peaceful day spent paddleboarding in the sun.

The shore is firm and solid, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Collecting shells and rocks is a great way to pass the time. Its tranquil, crystal-clear waters have made it a go-to spot for both seasoned swimmers and families. The children feel secure in its tranquil waves, making it a popular choice for parents. In-season lifeguards are on duty to provide extra safety.

Amenities on the beach

Restrooms, changing rooms, and a faucet for rinsing off sand are all available for your convenience. You can bring your own food and beverages or try out the vending machines located in the parking lot. There are no restaurants.

During the peak summer season, this beach is packed! Even though the lot is big, finding parking can still be challenging. Unfortunately, it’s an unpaved lot with no dedicated spaces, including no spots for disabled people.

Getting There

Dionis Beach is a cinch to get to by car, but during the summer months, traffic can be congested. To get there, take the Madaket Road out of the city and follow its winding path for nearly 2 miles until you come across Eel Point Road. Make a right onto Eel Point and drive for approximately half a mile. You’ll spot a dirt road with a white painted rock that reads “Dionis Beach,” marking the entrance. To make it to the beach, you’ll have to take a tiresome trek down a thin, soft sand dune trail. During the summer months, a metal ramp at the trail’s end offers an easy route to the beach.


Fishing is a beloved pastime at Dionis – the primary catch is Striped Bass! Barbequing is allowed, but we recommend using either charcoal or propane grills. Small, confined fires set away from any combustible items or dunes are acceptable. To keep this beach stunningly pristine, please remember to take any garbage you create with you when you leave.


Dionis Beach may not have the same marine life as other Nantucket beaches, but it’s the ideal spot for bird watchers. Herring Gulls and Great Black-Backed Gulls flock to the peaceful shore, and sandpipers search the seaweed for insects and other crustaceans. Nearby wetlands are home to sparrows and warblers, and the tiny beach bird, a federally-protected species, needs our help to survive. Respect any fenced areas and keep dogs on a leash to protect them. For a full list of Nantucket birds, click here.

Driving on the beach at Dionis is prohibited. During the spring and summer months, federally-protected shorebirds use this beach for nesting and breeding, so it’s important to take note of any signs and fencing that may be in place. Be sure to look for any signs that say “Restricted Area,” as these designate the shorebird habitat. Also, some sections of the beach may be closed off during the nesting season.

Water Quality

The Town of Nantucket’s Department of Health & Human Services is passionate about protecting the beaches of Nantucket during the summer months. They work with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health weekly to collect and analyze seawater samples at the bio laboratory. This is done to monitor coliform bacteria levels and ensure swimming is safe. If the bacteria levels are too high for two weeks, the beach will be closed to swimming until it is safe to reopen. Conducting this ensures that Nantucket’s beaches are safe for everyone to enjoy.


From October 1st to March 31st, anyone with a permit can join in on the fun. Conveniently, you can get your permit at the Public Safety Facility located at 4 Fairgrounds Road. When harvesting scallops, they must have a legally raised growth ring of at least 10mm from the hinge or be larger than 63.5mm from the hinge to the shell. As for quahogs and oysters, you can take them year-round with a recreational shellfish permit. On the other hand, soft-shell and razor clams are off-limits from June 15th to September 15th. If you want to learn more, the Town of Nantucket has a comprehensive Shellfishing Policy and Regulations and a Dionis shore shellfish classification area map.

Some Rules & Regulations

Fishing is allowed as long as you have a valid state license. Dogs are welcome, too, but they must be leashed and have a license. Dogs and their owners can’t enter dune vegetation, marsh grass, protected wildlife areas, or fenced-off places. Campfires and fireworks are strictly prohibited. Additionally, no flying of kites or drones within 200 meters of any areas fenced off to protect shorebirds. Alcohol consumption is neither allowed on public property nor is glass or smoking. Lastly, don’t dig holes deeper than your waist; fill them in before you leave the beach. Keep a safe distance of at least 150 feet from any marine mammals.

Those looking for a great beach will find one at Dionis; its soft sand will make for a delightful day. Here, you can bask in the sun, play in the waves, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Dionis’s captivating shoreline is the ideal location for an unforgettable family getaway. There are plenty of activities to enjoy. Make memories that will last a lifetime at Dionis.

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