Don Van Dyke Gallery, Nantucket: Exemplary Artworks for Sale
July 3, 2023

The Don Van Dyke Gallery in Nantucket is a dream shopping spot for art lovers. It features magnificent pieces from upcoming and renowned fine art and contemporary abstract artists. This includes creations by talented artist members of the Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN).

Thanks to its extensive collection of astonishing art, you are guaranteed to find something worthwhile to decorate your space. If you want to have tailor-made art, the gallery’s talented artists are on standby. They will adhere to your requirements and create artwork that meets your expectations.

The Gallery is named after its founder, Don Van Dyke. He has a good eye for art and is also a great artist. According to him, painting is an excellent escape from our tumultuous times. He immensely enjoys translating what is on his mind to canvas. He also believes artistry runs in his blood, as his father was an artist.

Don began his artistry journey in high school while working at a Halloween painting contest. However, he didn’t take the skill seriously until he retired from his corporate career and moved to Nantucket. While on the island, he enrolled in a learn-to-oil-paint class at AAN. “It quickly became an obsession,” he says, and has not stopped ever since. He went on to serve on AAN’s committees and eventually became the Association’s president.

Don’s experience in the art world has not only catapulted his career but also helped him mentor so many other artists. To view or purchase his work alongside other one-of-a-kind artworks, visit the Don Van Dyke Gallery. They accept several payment options for convenience, including cash, check, debit, and credit cards.

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