How to Save Money at the Dreamland Nantucket Film Theater
December 18, 2022
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Going to the movies is a great way to unwind after a long day. One of the best movie theaters to visit in Nantucket is the Dreamland Nantucket Film Theatre. If it’s on your bucket list but you’re on a tight budget, this article will help. It will show you how to save money on your movie-watching trips without sacrificing quality or experience.

1. Catch a Matinee

Going to the movies can be costly, but you can save money by taking advantage of matinee ticket prices. They are often cheaper than evening shows.

If you can find time during the week instead of on weekends, the better. Most people visit movie theaters on weekends and evenings, creating a high ticket demand. This leads to a hike in their prices.

Besides, going during the daytime means there won’t be as many distractions from other patrons.

2. Use Coupons

Coupons go a long way toward reducing ticket prices. All you need to do is key the codes in when purchasing your ticket online. Capital City Tickets, a company that sells event tickets online, offers the best deals on the theater’s tickets, whereby you can use their promo codes if you so wish. Purchasing a ticket in advance will save you money and secure your preferred seat at the theater.

3. Become a Member

You can save money at the Dreamland Nantucket Film Center by becoming a member. You’ll receive exclusive discounts and rewards depending on the membership level you sign up for.

Membership fees start at $50 per year, whereby you get to save $5 for every movie ticket you purchase. The theater also throws in some free popcorn and a free pass to special screenings and events that non-members will have to pay to attend. If you’re going to see a movie with a group of friends, the savings can be even greater.

4. Limit Premium Formats

If you’re trying to save money, avoid 3D and IMAX movies. Although these formats provide an enhanced experience, they are mostly more expensive than regular screenings. Alternatively, you can look for cheaper ways to get these experiences, such as using your loyalty points.

5. Attend on Discount Days

Dreamland Nantucket Film Theater offers discount days, a great way to save money. You’ll want to research the times and dates when these discounts are offered. You’ll also want to compare the discounted ticket price with what you would pay if it were matinee time. If the price difference is significant enough, it may make sense to head out for a movie on a discount day.

6. Utilize Loyalty Programs

If you’ve visited the Dreamland Nantucket Film Theater several times or are planning to, check out the loyalty programs available. These programs are designed to reward frequent customers with discounts and freebies.

7. Find Deals for Groups

If you are in a group, you may get your tickets at a reduced rate, saving you money. When you buy a ticket, you may also be provided with freebies, like free popcorn and soda. If you’re in college or are retired, always ask if any deals are available for students or seniors. You should be able to find something that saves you some cash without hurting your wallet.

8. Participate in Special Events

Various special events are held at the Dreamland Nantucket Film Theater. You can view a full list of upcoming specials on the theater’s website. While some events are free, others will require ticket purchases to enter.

One of the more popular events is their “Wine and Cheese Night,” held every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and costing $15 per person. The evening includes two movies, one shown in 35mm film and the other in DCP technology, as well as gourmet cheeses and wines provided by Nantucket Vineyard & Winery.

Follow the theater’s social media accounts to keep up with what’s happening. They post regular updates and reminders of what to expect and look forward to at the theater.

9. Book Accommodation Early

After watching a movie, you may want to spend the night close by, especially if it is late at night or there’s bad weather. It will not make sense to save some bucks at the theater only to splurge on accommodation.

You can keep up the saving spree by finding suitable accommodations in advance. It also means you don’t have to worry about getting a place to sleep at the last minute, which can be stressful and time-consuming. If you book early, you will likely find a better deal and more options. Avoid peak times such as holidays and weekends when prices are higher.

Final Word

Remember these tips the next time you head out to the Dreamland Nantucket Film Theater. You’ll be able to save money on all of your ticket purchases by just doing a few simple things like catching a matinée or buying online.

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