10 Things to Do During Fall in Nantucket
October 12, 2022
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Many people take a break from touring during fall to recover from a fantastic summer vacation and prepare for the forthcoming holiday season. However, you might have a different schedule or want a good time before the holidays. If this describes you, Nantucket is a place to consider for your fall vacation.

Also known as the Grey Lady of the Sea, the island has something to offer all year round. Read on to learn about the Nantucket fall experience.

Why Visit Nantucket During Fall?

Visiting Nantucket during fall may seem strange, as it peaks its vibrancy in summer. While summer is an excellent time to visit, you must contend with the heavy traffic. People come in droves during summer to explore Nantucket, which may lead to the scarcity of accommodation and other necessities. There’s also a hike in the prices of commodities.

Fall has less traffic, which is ideal if you do not like overcrowded places. Furthermore, it is affordable to travel during the fall due to the price drops. Getting accommodation and other amenities will be hassle-free.

What To Do During Fall In Nantucket

While it is less vibrant than summer, fall is still an exciting time to explore the island. The following are some of the things you can do when you finally set foot in Nantucket.

1. Visit The Whaling Museum

Start your Nantucket exploration quest by learning more about it. There is no better place to learn about this island than the Nantucket Whaling Museum. The museum preserves Nantucket’s economic past, focusing on the whaling industry and candle making.

It is a fascinating place to visit if you are into history. Key attractions include a 46-foot-long whale skeleton, the scrimshaw collection, Neptune’s Grotto, and the Hadwen and Barney Oil and Candle Factory.

The Museum of African American History, the Quaker Meeting House, and the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum are other establishments to visit to appreciate Nantucket’s history.

2. Cranberry Harvesting

Fall is synonymous with harvesting. While in Nantucket during fall, you can participate in cranberry harvesting, a huge part of this island’s culture. The harvest is an excellent pastime activity, especially if you are with family or friends, making for a worthy bonding time.

Have fun in the bogs as you gather cranberries or join the farm tours. A live band will keep you entertained if you don’t want to get your hands dirty in the fields.

3. Golfing

Enjoy your Nantucket vacation by golfing. Nantucket has four golf courses, two private and two public, where you can test and improve your strikes.

The public golf courses are Miacomet and Sconset. The former, an 18-hole course, was the co-host of the 2021 Mid-Amateur Championship, boasting excellent facilities. Sconset is one of the oldest US golf courses, operational since 1899.

Sankaty Head Golf Club is a private establishment with an imposing backdrop of the Sankaty Lighthouse. It co-hosted the 2021 Mid-Amateur Championship. Nantucket Golf Club is a private members-only course with a traditional golfing design.

4. Fishing

September and October are the best months for fishing in Nantucket. Fishing is therapeutic and creates an incredible bonding moment with family or friends. You need a guide or a fishing charter to lead you on for a successful catch.

During fall, you can catch mahi mahi, false albacore, bluefin tuna, bonito, striped bass, and bluefish. Celebrate your success by having a sumptuous dinner with your loved ones.

5. Visit The Lighthouses

The three lighthouses in Nantucket are a stark reminder of its maritime significance as a shipbuilding and whaling hub. The monuments are the Great Point, Sankaty Head and Brant Point lighthouses. They are distinct and give the surrounding areas a touch of exoticness.

You must visit the lighthouses and take photos to etch memories of the fantastic time you had on this island.

6. Scalloping

If you love seafood, you must try the famed Nantucket Bay scallops, which are tastier than the regular ocean type. If you are a hands-on person, you will enjoy scalloping in Nantucket, where you get into the water to harvest scallops.

The harvesting season begins in October and runs until March. You need a permit to harvest scallops, with recreational scalloping going from Wednesday to Thursday.

7. Surfing

You should not pass up the opportunity to surf in Nantucket, especially if you want a dash of adrenaline while vacationing. Fall is the perfect time to surf, as there is less traffic on the beaches, and the water is warm. Additionally, it is hurricane season, meaning you can catch the perfect wave.

Do not shy away if you are a novice surfer; the many surfing schools around the island can help you improve your skills.

8. Biking

No overbearing summer heat and a calm breeze; the ideal conditions for biking. You can rent a bike and enjoy a ride as you explore Nantucket. It is an excellent way to exercise or hike as you take on various trails. Take advantage of the blissful moment by bringing along your loved ones.

9. Dining

Nantucket has plenty of culinary wonders that you should explore. You will love this island’s cuisine if you are into seafood. You can visit Black-Eyed Susan’s for a sumptuous breakfast or dinner. The breakfast menu is diverse, featuring the typical eggs and ham and the adventurous Spicy Thai and Portuguese scramble.

For dinner, try the samosa crepe, ham and cheese, or organic baby kale salad as an appetizer. Entrees include steelhead trout, grilled swordfish, and soy-braised heritage pork.

Pass by Siam to Go for Thai food. Try lomein, pad Thai, drunken noodles, sesame noodles, or the various sandwiches on the menu. This restaurant also handles deliveries.

Cisco Brewers is the place to be in the late afternoons for refreshments. Share beers, cocktails, wine, hard tea, and other beverages with other revelers, with live band music playing in the background.

Head to Straight Wharf, Toppers, or American Season for fine dining.

10. A Walk On The Beach

Free yourself from any tension or stress by taking a walk on the beach. The sandy beaches are calm and suitable for a therapeutic walk. A stroll with your significant other will create unforgettable romantic moments, especially in the evenings as the sun sets.


With fall almost at its peak, it is the best time to leave the house and go for a short vacation. Nantucket is a perfect destination, welcoming you to amazing weather, scenic beaches, and excellent food.

It is not too late to explore The Little Gray Lady of the Sea. Pack your bags and be ready for several fun-filled activities, as highlighted in this article.

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