Hill House Home, Nantucket
June 28, 2023

Hill House Home features a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and home goods. Their clothing inventory comprises dresses, swimwear, robes, pajamas, tops, matching sets, and bottoms. The shop also stocks children’s wear and nursery essentials for both sexes. This includes mother-daughter and mother-son matchy-matchy outfits.

The accessories section includes shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, and gifts. There are beddings, bed sheets, bath & robes, tabletops, and monograms for home goods.

The store’s overall theme and design heavily borrow from the Island’s charms. It combines Nantucket elements, including wicker, gingham, and shades of blue and red, to create a remarkable space. The store’s atmosphere is welcoming, with friendly, attentive, and helpful staff. They are committed to creating a wonderful and fruitful shopping experience.

Nell Diamond founded Hill House Home in Rock Center, New York. She recently opened Hill House’s Nantucket branch to expand its customer base. Since childhood, she has always spent her summers in Nantucket. Her paternal grandfather was the Principal of Nantucket high school and lives on the Island with most of his family. Nell often visits the Island to spend time with him, her uncles, aunts, and cousins. Due to her familiarity with the island and time there, opening a store locally was long overdue.

The brand is widely known for its quality products and signature clothing – the nap dress. It is a multipurpose dress that is breathable enough to sleep in, comfortable for chilling at home, and stylish enough to step out. The dress gained much popularity during the covid pandemic. With many people working from home, it was the perfect solution for those needing a dress you can wear at home yet still zoom-appropriate. Customers praise it for being loose-fitting, flowy, and feminine.

However, contrary to popular opinion, the dress wasn’t made for the pandemic. According to Nell Diamond, it had been on the market for two years before the pandemic hit and had already amassed its fair share of fans. She created it to help women creatively express themselves while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

Her motivation stemmed from her personal life. Being a mom, wife, and career woman, she had plenty to do daily. She often needed to change into different clothing for different tasks and occasions; it was pretty tiring. She sought to create a dress that would enable her to get through all her functions without changing. When she introduced it to her boutique, many people whose lifestyles resonated with hers quickly embraced it. With all areas of life merging during the lockdown, the dress cemented its place in the market.

Visit the store’s website to check out its nap dress selection, among other merchandise. You may shop from the site or visit their physical store in Nantucket, New York, or Palm Beach.

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