Nantucket’s Finest Ice Cream Hubs
October 12, 2022

As an ice cream lover, the first assignment in a new place is to look for an ice cream hub. If you are in Nantucket, you may wonder where you can get the best ice cream, especially if it is your first time on the island.

No need to go in circles to satisfy your craving as we present you with the finest ice cream hubs in Nantucket.

1. The Juice Bar

  • 12 Broad Street

The Juice Bar, located in downtown Nantucket is heaven on earth to an ice cream lover. This joint has a diverse ice cream menu with over 40 flavors. Do not be surprised if you discover a new flavor. The homemade ice cream is tasty, prompting several trips to the joint for an extra serving.

Are you vegan? If yes, The Juice Bar has you sorted with its vegan-friendly ice cream made from coconut milk.

Besides ice cream, you may try homemade cookies, brownies, ice cream cakes, and pies. The Juice Bar also stocks yogurt, smoothies, and juices.

Visit the store or check out its social media page for the day’s flavors.

2. Jack And Charlies

  • 10 Straight Wharf

A hometown boy’s dream of owning an ice cream shop finally came to fruition, and he dedicated it to his two sons, Jack and Charlie. The shop is among the best breakfast spots in Nantucket that also offers tasty ice cream.

Banana cream pie, blue Monstah, butter pecan, orange sherbet, and sea salt caramel are some of the unique ice cream flavors available at Jack and Charlies.

You can also have frappes, gelato, and malts and floats. Bring your furry friend along to try the doggie cones.

The staff is friendly, and the place is lively, suitable for a simple date or if you want to pass the time on a hot afternoon.

3. 3-Way Scoops

  • 57 Old South Road

If you are the adventurous type when it comes to ice cream, 3 Way Scoops is the place to be. When visiting the ice cream hub, you should try the strawberry lemonade, grape nut, or Main black bear. Choose a vessel from a paper cup, cake cone, homemade waffle cone, or homemade waffle bowl for scoops.

Alternatively, you can go for sundaes or decorated Belgian waffles, which come with a generous scoop of ice cream and preferred toppings.

4. Nantucket Pharmacy

  • 45 Main Street

Many first-timers in Nantucket mistake the Nantucket Pharmacy for a drugstore. Far from it, it is another excellent ice cream hub on the island, with a vintage interior design.

This store has traditional ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. It is an ideal place if you want to have a solo snack. Other items on the menu are sandwiches, cakes, iced coffee, and fountain soda.

5. Island Kitchen

  • 2 Chin’s Way

Island Kitchen may be famous as a breakfast joint, but it also has delicious ice cream. The scoops are huge, served with toppings of your choice.

It has a calm atmosphere, the perfect place to relax away from the crowded downtown area. The friendly staff will make you feel at home as they take your order.

Island Kitchen also has vegan ice cream.

6. Yummy

  • 63 Surfside Road

Yummy is a true definition of a snack hub, a must-visit place if you have a sweet tooth. The ice cream is affordable, with a choice between hard flavors cup or cone. Go for two scoops for the best value, though one is okay if you want a small serving. You pay for extras such as toppings, nuts, chocolate syrup, and waffle cones.

Yummy’s menu has other refreshments like milkshakes, cold brews, and iced tea. It is a family-friendly place with a kids’ menu.

7. Nantucket Groceries

  • 4 Main Street, Siasconset

Far from the city center in Siasconset, you find an ice cream gem in Nantucket Groceries. The store has been a mainstay in the area since the 1980s and continues to reinvent itself.

Its old-fashion soda fountain ice cream is heaven-sent on a hot Nantucket afternoon. Other niceties include coffee, pastries, and drinks.

8. Stars Ice Cream And Frozen Yogurt

  • 4 Harbor Square

If you are looking for a nice place for a date or to spend quiet time alone, Stars Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt is a place to consider. It has a cozy outdoor section where you can chill, with an excellent view. The menu has several flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt that you may fancy.


Nantucket is home to several ice cream hubs, as this piece highlights. You notice that most of the joints stock unique homemade flavors. Moreover, they are diverse shops where you can get breakfast or lunch.

Never go low on ice cream; visit the mentioned stores for a refill. Furthermore, they are lovely places to spend time with family or pass the time.

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