Inkerman Footwear
June 26, 2023
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Launched in 2016 by Thomas Downing and William Pritchard, Inkerman Footwear is a revolutionary handmade dress shoe and apparel brand with some of the best prices in the market. Even though made with the same top-quality materials and techniques found in shoes costing much, Inkerman retails at lower prices. The brand manages such prices by delivering to the clients directly hence doing away with the costs associated with traditional retail stores.

Inkerman shoes are designed in classic styles with a touch of contemporary comfort. They have custom-engineered natural rubber soles for the sneaker feel while retaining the traditional shoe dress styling. These practical and stylish shoes are perfect for everyday use and any occasion or event. The shoes are designed to complement your outfit, whether dressing down or up.

The Inkerman shoes are designed with different target clients in mind; they give middle-aged men a unique brand they can grow old with and older guys affordable shoes without compromising on style or quality. The brand plans to introduce more color options and unisex shoe designs for more variety.

The Charlie, Osborne penny loafer, and Max sneakers are some of the most successful Inkerman products. Most people prefer them for their comfort, quality, and price point.

Even though it launched on the premise of footwear, Inkerman has a wide range of apparel and accessories. The latest in its stock is the leather bags collection. The 100% rugged canvas bags are designed with leather accents for durability. They are weather resistant and come with full-grain leather straps for practicality and convenient handling. The bags include; the laptop tote, the duffel, and the wash bag.

Inkerman is conscious of the environment. It sources all the raw materials from equally socially and environmentally responsible suppliers. So far, Inkerman has predominantly used SATRA leather products for its shoes. The company provides rigorous protocols to ensure the best quality leather products.

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