Jetties Beach, Nantucket
June 25, 2023
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Located along Nantucket’s North shore, Jetties is one of the most popular sandy beaches on the island. The public beach is free for all, and it opens year-round. Jetties Beach derived its name from the long jetty at the shore’s central point that channels vessels to & from Nantucket Harbor. Jetties has the most facilities on Nantucket’s beaches, making it the beach of choice for individuals, families, and disabled tourists.

These include a play area, swings, volleyball court, tennis court, benches, boardwalks, pavilion, staircase, and a 380-foot-long in-season mobi-mat. Other facilities include well-maintained and handicap-accessible restrooms, showers, changing rooms, and a bathhouse. Adequate parking is available in two parking lots at the beach, including four parking slots reserved for disabled tourists and bike racks for cyclists.

Warm, shallow water, expansive sandbars, low tides, and gentle surfing conditions characterize the pristine Jetties Beach during beach season. Whether you’re a serenity lover or an adrenaline junkie, you’ll find a befitting activity for your enjoyment. You can bask in the sun, walk along the coastline, rummage the beach for seashells and sea glasses, watch the beautiful sunset, gaze at the turquoise horizon, or watch vessels sailing to and from Nantucket Harbor.

While exploring the beach, you may encounter rare shorebird species with demarcated zones for their nesting. One can spot different species of birds in different seasons, from hawks, owls, plovers, and sea ducks.

You can also play beach games on the soft sand and have your kids enjoy themselves in the kids’ play area or build castles and sculptures on the sand. Sea sports are equally abundant; you can safely engage in high-octane sports such as swimming, surfing, kiteboarding, kayaking, and more.

You will appreciate the summer dining and cocktail experience on-site at the Sandbar Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant boasts excellent food and drinks in a colorful setting, with panoramic views of the Cape Cod waters from the spacious open-air seating area. Jetties Sandbar serves cocktails, seafood, salads, pastries, snacks, oysters, and much more.

Adjacent to the food spot is a beach shop also owned by Jetties Sandbar. The shop sells a variety of wares, including branded Sandbar apparel and merchandise, sunscreens, and toys. In addition, you can rent beach gear such as kayaks, umbrellas, beach chairs, wheelchairs, and surfboards. You can visit the Jetties Sandbar website for detailed information on schedules, menus, products, services, and contact information.

Jetties Beach plays host to several festivals every year. These include the 4th of July Festivities, Sand Sculpture, and Sandcastle Contest. The beach is also the choice venue for private celebrations such as weddings and cocktails parties.

The beach is under the protective care of Nantucket Sound. It obtains funding from the Community Preservation Committee, allowing it to maintain amenities at the beach. Lifeguards are on hand to assist with any emergencies in-season between 9 am and 5 pm. The beach operates under strict guidelines for tourists, and it is essential that you check the do’s and don’ts to enjoy an unfettered beach experience. You can access detailed guidelines and a beach map on the official Nantucket government website. You’ll also find signage posted throughout the beach to help with navigation and adherence and updated weather and tidal information on the Lifeguards Board.

Jetties Beach is a short distance from the town center, about 1.1 miles out. You can get to the beach in several ways, from walking, cycling, and driving. You may also opt for the NRTA bus, which shuttles to the beach from mid-morning to evening in 30-minute intervals during beach season.

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