The Juice Bar, Nantucket
December 10, 2022
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Located near Steamship Wharf, The Juice Bar Nantucket serves ice cream, smoothies, frappes, juices, and more. With over 40 ice cream flavors available every day, there is bound to be one you will enjoy.

With a mouth-watering assortment of fun, tasty, and imaginative flavors to pick from—not to mention handcrafted waffle cones, ice cream cakes, smoothies, and other treats—having your first Juice Bar ice cream of the season is a Nantucket summer “must.”

And although we might be just a touch biased, we don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that a visit to The Juice Bar might just be the ideal excuse you need to start planning your next ACK holiday.

If you’re searching for some of their amazing handmade ice cream without the wait, go early while the masses are away. Make sure to bring cash—Juice Bar is cash only! Or, run over to the ATM, get your ice cream money in hand, and come enjoy this iconic summer island experience!

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