Low Beach, Nantucket
July 14, 2023
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Located about 7 Miles away from Nantucket town, Low Beach is a hidden gem free from crowds and with plenty to offer. You may enjoy a walk on the beach, collect plenty of beautiful shells, go fishing or relax on its shores, taking in its sweeping views.

Swimming and surfing are also common activities. However, the beach’s strong currents and waves make them unsuitable for amateurs. If you are looking for a challenging surf or swim, Low Beach’s waters will suffice. But it would be best to exercise caution as no lifeguards are on site. Also, be on the lookout for mosquitoes and green flies, especially on calm days.

The water’s quality is always in top-notch condition thanks to regular tests conducted by the Town of Nantucket Department of Health and Human Services. The beach is usually closed off to the public whenever there are any irregularities until it’s safe to swim.

You may bring along your dog, but you must always keep it on a leash and clean up after it. There are no trash cans on the beach; thus, you must carry your trash with you.

Due to its quiet nature, the beach attracts wildlife, including birds, crabs, deer, and gray seals. Every once in a while, you may see dolphins and whales far off the shore. If you encounter any marine mammal, the Town of Nantucket requires that you stay at least 150m away from it.

If you visit Low Beach between October and March, you may participate in recreational scalloping. It is quite a popular event on the island, as Nantucket Bay Scallops are known to be exquisitely delicious. To participate, you must adhere to shellfishing policy and regulations and obtain a Shell fishing permit from the Town of Nantucket. The permit costs $35 for residents and $125 for visitors.

No eateries are on site; thus, you should carry your food and beverages. Grilling is allowed on the beach with either a charcoal or propane grill. You may also light small enclosed fires away from vegetation and flammable materials.

Alternatively, you can get something to eat or drink at the Sconset Village. It boasts plenty of eateries that serve tasty dishes.

How to Get to Low Beach

It is located between Sconset Village and Tom Nevers Pond. To access it, take the Milestone Rotary Road until you find the Siasconset Rotary. You should then turn to your right onto Gully Road. Keep an eye out for Ocean Ave Road on your right. A straight drive on Ocean Ave will lead you to a small dirt road that leads to the beach’s parking lot.

You may leave your car at the parking lot or drive to the beach. Low Beach allows beach driving by 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles with a permit. Your tire pressure should range between 12 and 15 PSI to avoid sinking. Just in case, you should always carry a shovel, tow rope, and a jack with jack boards.

The recommended speed limit is 20 mph and 5 mph whenever you are within 100 yards of a pedestrian. While driving, you must keep off the water and obey signage on the beach.

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