An Overview of Madaket Beach
November 2, 2022
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Nantucket’s beaches are distinct, each offering something unique to quench your spirit of adventure. Among the beaches to check out when in Nantucket is Madaket Beach.

While it may be less popular than other beaches on the island, it still has plenty to offer. An overview of this beach will give you all the necessary information about it.

How to Get to Madaket Beach

The beach is located in the southwestern part of the island, around 4-miles from the city center. You can drive to the beach, take a bus or ride a bike. The latter is an excellent choice if you plan to spend a considerable part of your day at Madaket. It gives you ample time to appreciate the views of Nantucket as you work out via riding.

For a bus, you can catch the Wave, which goes to Madaket every half hour during summer. A drive is convenient if you are with the family. There is parking, but you must be keen about where you park. There may not be enough parking spots during summer due to the high traffic.

What to Do in Madaket Beach

The beach is serene, with a fantastic view of the sea. It is ideal for basking as you enjoy the cool ocean breeze. You can also have a mid-morning or late-afternoon picnic on the beach with your loved ones, making for a fulfilling bonding moment.

You can venture into the warm Nantucket waters for a swim, which can be refreshing on hot afternoons. The following are other things you can do when on this beach.


You can release tension via a walk on the beach. It is therapeutic, especially if you walk barefoot on the soft beach sand. You can tag along with your significant other for the perfect romantic gesture.


If you are an adrenaline junky, you should try surfing at Madaket beach. Ardent surfers describe this beach’s waters as clean and ideal for both beginners and pros. You can get your surfing supplies from the surfing stores in the vicinity.

Do not be afraid if you are a green surfer; pro surfers on the beach can teach you how to ride a wave. Summer is the best time to catch the best waves.


Fishing is an excellent pastime activity you can engage with friends or family. For a nice catch, head to the nearby Madaket harbor, where you can catch bluefish, little tunny, Atlantic bonito, and Atlantic needlefish, among other species. Have someone guide you on fishing for a successful catch.

Shop at Millie’s Market

You cannot tour Madaket Beach without passing by one of its notable spots, Millie’s Market. It is the place to be if you want to grab a snack and refreshments. Its diverse menu offers various ice cream flavors, drink kits, cocktails, and coffee. You can also try the potato salad, hummus and crudites, and bluefish pate for lunch.

Millie’s Market also stocks apparel, accessories, toys, and souvenirs.

How Safe is Madaket Beach?

Madaket Beach is not the perfect place on the island for children, seeing that it does not have active lifeguard services. If you have kids, you must always be on their lookout. Moreover, the beach has experienced severe erosion over time, so some places are unsafe.

Final Thought

If planning to visit Nantucket, ensure to check out Madaket Beach to explore its niceties. It is picturesque, and you may test your photography skills by targeting the stunning sunset. However, be careful when on the beach, as it does not have an active lifeguard.

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