Marine Home Center, Nantucket
December 10, 2022
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Originally constructed in the 1940s as a lumber yard, today’s Marine Home Center is the largest retail complex on the island, providing a wide variety of services for homeowners. Customers looking for everything related to interior design, gardening, or woodworking will find it at Marine. When you go to the home center, you’ll discover helpful people who are happy to assist you with whatever you could need around the house.

While Marine’s roots are in the lumber industry, the company has expanded to include many other product lines. Marine established the island’s first garden center, home center, and contemporary department store. Building materials, household goods, and even specialized goods were available to customers thanks to the store’s expansion. There were a number of specialty shops within, including a wine and cheese shop, a beauty salon, and a posh clothing boutique.

In the 1950s, a flower shop opened on Petticoat Row and a hardware store opened downtown. In addition, the lumber sector grew as panelized houses, like the ones currently located along Goldstar Drive, were constructed. To make room for these new items, the original location was enlarged, and the millwork shop next door, the Colonial Craft Shop, was bought.

To further showcase its goods and services, in 1966 a brand new building with huge display windows was built.

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