Miacomet Pond
May 17, 2023
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Miacomet Pond is a freshwater system located in Nantucket’s southern region, spanning 46 acres. Its deepest point is found near its southern end, measuring an impressive 10.8 feet, while its mean depth is 4.8 feet, thins to 10 feet wide. This body of water is roughly 1.5 miles in length, with its southern side bordered by ocean beaches and dunes and the north side surrounded by a dense residential zone.

The pond’s surface water drainage area is roughly 1,284 acres, based on the topography of the land surrounding it. Groundwater runoff to the Miacomet Pond is thought to be about 1,047 acres. The town had opened up this pond in the past, but within the last quarter century had to drain some water out due to the high groundwater levels that were flooding nearby basements. As Miacomet Pond had been transforming into a freshwater body, saltwater infusions had been proving disastrous for the pond, so the town decided to cease opening it up to the ocean.

Miacomet Pond is home to a host of aquatic life. Many species can be spotted here, such as snapping and painted turtles, inland ducks, sea ducks, swans, and wading birds, depending on the time of year. Fish varieties that can be seen in the other outwash ponds along the southern shoreline are also present in this pond.

If you plan to fish at Miacomet Pond, it’s best to check out the local resources first. The state of Massachusetts has not published info regarding fishing in Nantucket’s fresh, brackish, or saltwater ponds. So, if you’re eager to take your rod and reel out for a spin, it’s best to consult the local authorities first.

A tranquil freshwater pond on Nantucket is perfect for young children, but no lifeguard is present, and no facilities are available. Additionally, be aware that snapping turtles may be encountered. Enjoy your time on the beach, but be sure to follow the rules by parking off-beach and not driving on the sand.

Miacomet Pond can be accessed from the east side via Miacomet Road and from the west via Miacomet Avenue and West Miacomet Road. So, whether you’re coming from the east or the west, you can easily reach the pond and enjoy its beauty.

Also, you can Stroll Miacomet Pond Trail to Miacomet Road, a 4.8-km out-and-back route close to Nantucket, Massachusetts. This easy journey usually takes around 54 minutes to complete, so it’s great for a peaceful hike or walk, and many other people won’t be around. The terrain is mainly soft sand, so it’s a pleasant stroll with stunning pond views. On a journey to the beach, you will meet with more stunning views.

Take a leisurely walk in this serene environment and admire the wonders of the natural world. Inhale the crisp, clean air and watch your troubles drift away.

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