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June 15, 2023
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Nantucket is home to several restaurants that promise your palate a worthy adventure. You will appreciate this island’s culinary diversity from these eateries, with everything for everyone. Miacomet Restaurant is among the notable dining establishments offering a firsthand experience of Nantucket’s cuisine.

There is plenty to appreciate about Miacomet Restaurant, a must-visit joint if you are on a Nantucket food tour. An in-depth review of this restaurant will offer the necessary info you need to know about it and why you should visit it.

About Miacomet Restaurant

Miacomet Restaurant is the dining section of Miacomet Golf Course, a public 18-hole golf course. This establishment’s history dates back to 1956, when Ralph Marble, a Michigan native, bought around 400 acres of land. Initially, he wanted to set up a dairy farm on the parcel but instead built a golf course as the dairy market was not as promising.

Construction of the golf course commenced in 1960 and opened three years later as a public facility, with the clubhouse (which houses the restaurant) being one of its amenities. The clubhouse had to be rebuilt after a fire incident, with the island community helping with building materials and labor.

In 2017, a fire damaged some sections of the restaurant, like the kitchen. After extinguishing the fire, the Nantucket Land Bank stepped in to renovate the structure, which is presently functional.

The restaurant is open to the public, though you should make reservations.


Miacomet Restaurant is roughly 3 miles away from downtown Nantucket. You can reach it via Milk Street, the shortest route at 8 minutes. Alternatively, you can access the restaurant through Bartlett Road, a 10-minute journey.

If you want to spend more time at the food outlet or golf course, getting a vacation rental at Miacomet is advisable. The rental units are reasonably priced and include amenities like a gym, swimming pool, and internet. Getting a vacation rental is also an excellent idea if you are visiting Nantucket as a group.

Miacomet Restaurant’s Niceties

Golfing is the primary activity around Miacomet restaurant, considering it is part of a golf course. Most of the time, you will find golfers perfecting their hits. You can also try out your swings if you are into golfing. Away from the golf course, let us give you a spoiler of what to expect from the dining area.

The Ambiance

You will notice the restaurant’s mild sophistication once you enter its doors. The ambiance is calm and classy, making it an ideal place for a lunch or dinner date. The grassy golf course has a mesmerizing effect and adds to this establishment’s beauty.

If you are into photography, you can take unique shots of the restaurant, with the golf course being the perfect background. The interior is spacious and warm, perfect for dinner with friends, family, or your significant other. Optionally, you may go for the outdoor seats if you want a dash of the cool breeze, especially on hot afternoons.

Lunch at the Miacomet Restaurant

You can pass by the golf course’s restaurant for lunch from 11 am to 3 pm, Wednesdays to Sundays. You should try the soups and salads for a light meal. You may try the Knocked Down Wedge, comprising bacon, tomatoes, chopped iceberg, pickled shallots, and blue cheese dressing.

The House salad is fully vegan, with a plate containing mixed greens, radishes, carrots, and tomatoes. Croutons are optional, though you can have them if you accompany your salad with soup. Other salads are beets and greens and Caesar salad.

For a heavy lunch, you can order buffalo tots, wings, chicken fingers, or cacio e pepe arancini as a starter. Most lunch meals are sandwiches, like BLT, tuna PLT, Mexicali turkey wrap, Baja shrimp wrap, fried chicken sandwich, pastrami and Swiss, and cheesesteak. You can have the sandwiches with soup of the day or New England clam chowder, and they come with house-made slaw, chips, fries, or tots.

The kid’s menu includes grilled chicken, Caesar salad, mac n cheese, and chicken fingers, served with fries, veggies, or tots. You may also have burgers if you want a quick snack.


Dinner at the Miacomet Restaurant is from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Thursdays to Saturdays. The dinner starter menu includes calamari, burrata, red chili shrimp scampi, chicken wings, and cacio e pepe arancini. Alternatively, you can start with salads or soups.

For a simple dinner, you may order fish and chips, which is a plate of Old Bay fries, buttermilk-fried haddock, coleslaw, and tartar sauce. As a meat lover, you may fancy the ribeye steak, which includes a roasted potato garlic medley or pork n grits.

Nduja-crusted haddock, startler chicken, salmon, and swordfish piccata are some of the available white meat options. Garganelli alla zingara is a vegetarian-friendly entry made from mushrooms, parmesan frico, shaved zucchini, roasted red peppers, charred onion, garlic, and tomatoes.

The Bar

You can check in to the bar for refreshments after a long day. The bar opens on Mondays and Tuesdays at 3 pm. Miacomet Restaurant also handles takeouts, though you have to communicate earlier.


Miacomet Restaurant’s service is top-notch, a reason why it is among Nantucket’s highly-rated establishments. The staff is friendly and willing to help with any issues or queries. Additionally, they are easily accessible via call if you want to make a reservation or want takeout.

Reserve a Spot at Miacomet Restaurant

Nantucket has several eateries that contribute to its culinary diversity. Miacomet Restaurant is among the notable restaurants you should visit on this island for a unique dining experience, especially if you are into golfing. A calm ambiance, fantastic food, and excellent and child-friendly services are among the things to love about this restaurant.

You should make a reservation before visiting this establishment. Also, keep up with its opening days to avoid disappointment on your visit.

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