Nantucket Bookworks
April 23, 2023
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Nantucket Bookworks is a unique store on the island, full of amazing books, toys, gifts and cards. And if you have a sweet tooth, check out their new chocolate corner! It’s a hub of literature, treasures, and surprises.

In 1972, Patty Claflin founded Nantucket Bookworks. Wendy Hudson had been enthralled with the store since she was twelve when she first encountered it on a summer vacation with her family. Years later, Wendy returned to the island, and it was here that she met her future husband, with whom she would open a brewery and start a family. When the Claflins decided to sell the store, Wendy’s dream finally came true; they shared all their insider knowledge with her, showing her how to keep the store going the same way it always had. Wendy was in her element.

Nantucket Bookworks has been delighting the island’s readers, providing a comprehensive selection of books for adults and children, as well as a wide array of gifts, this is the perfect place to find that special something. Bags, pouches, jewelry, toys, art supplies – you name it! And if you’re visiting in June, don’t forget to check out the Nantucket Book Festival.

The book selection is fantastic, and the staff write-ups on their favorites are sure to inspire. As well as a range of gifts, you’ll find cards, calendars, and even Tattly tattoos! All in all, this place is simply adorable.

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