Nantucket Coffee Roasters
April 28, 2023
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Nantucket Coffee Roasters has been the island’s go-to for artisanal coffee for a quarter of a century. As a locally owned and managed business, they enjoy privileges that larger enterprises don’t. They source and supply limited and micro-batch coffee from tiny farms worldwide to Nantucket. They are located at 4 India Street!

Every blend is a signature of craftsmanship, expertise, and skill in each process step, from bean to cup. Nantucket is not only a paradise of incomparable ocean beauty, but also a haven for great coffee. All batches are carefully monitored and prepared by hand and eye, and their beans are carefully roasted and sent to you with the utmost freshness and flavor.

This Artisan Specialty Coffee Roaster is a haven for coffee lovers. From espresso drinks and pour-overs to custom extractions and cold brew, they have a range of coffees from Latin America, Africa, and Asia and many delicious blends. All their coffees start as stand-alone specialty-grade varieties, which they blend together to create unique yet balanced and flavorful cups of coffee.

Cafe’ Blend is a delightful mix of Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran beans, carefully roasted to bring out its full-bodied, crisp flavor with delicate hints of chocolate and fruit. Leo’s Blend, named in honor of our resident roaster, combines African, Indonesian, and South American beans. This unique blend creates a smooth coffee with spices like black pepper, cinnamon, and earthy chocolate. And, of course, remember decaf coffee for those who prefer a milder cup. All these delicious options can be found on their website, or better yet, go and visit them in person!

For both locals and travelers, this is the epitome of island life. When you order, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your coffee. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of teas. There’s also freshly-squeezed lemonade and lime made with fresh fruit. If you’re hungry, don’t worry, Nantucket Coffee Roasters also offers sandwiches, bagels, a yogurt parfait, and a wide range of pastries, snacks, and salads!

At Nantucket Coffee Roasters, you can savor the delight of a freshly-roasted cup of coffee. Relax in an inviting environment, sip your favorite beverage, and enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi. Come and treat yourself to the best island life has to offer!

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