Things To Do In Nantucket For Christmas
October 12, 2022
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The holiday season is fast approaching, and it is never too early to plan how to spend it. If you are looking for an awesome place to spend Christmas, why not consider Nantucket? It is a leading vacation destination with plenty of niceties.

Many assume that Nantucket is only lively in summer and bows down during winter. We prove this assumption wrong by presenting you with things to enjoy when you decide to spend Christmas in Nantucket.

Preparation For Your Nantucket Christmas

Preparation is crucial when planning a trip. As usual, have your finances in order. Have a rough budget that factors in your transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, food, and more. You can consult a traveling agency for a financial estimate.

Also, you may consider getting a vacation rental, especially if traveling as a group, maybe with family or friends. Vacation rentals are abundant in Nantucket and are spacious. Plus, they have facilities like a gym, Wi-Fi, cable, and swimming pools that make your stay worthwhile.

Furthermore, you should decide on how to move to and within Nantucket. You may travel solo if you love the flexibility and know your way on the island. Alternatively, you can go for group tours, where you can interact with other tourists. Group tours are excellent if you are new to the island, as you are under a guide who will show you the fine things tucked in Nantucket.

Also, have the proper clothing. You will need warm wear to deal with Nantucket winters.

Things To Do In Nantucket For Christmas

The following are some ways to spend your Christmas holidays in Nantucket.

Participate In the Festival Of Trees

Every year, the Nantucket Whaling Museum transforms into a winter holiday artwork, courtesy of the Festival of Trees. The display is an impressive spectacle that can awaken your family’s Christmas spirit.

You can take photos of the trees crafted by various businesses, artists, children, and other organizations. Each tree has a unique theme, making the museum colorful and lively. Buy a ticket as early as possible to book your reservation for this festival.

The Nantucket Christmas Stroll

If you make it to Nantucket in early December, you may be in time to participate in the annual Nantucket Christmas Stroll. It is a 2-3-day event that has been around since 1973, celebrated after Thanksgiving, and dedicated to holiday shopping on this island.

The Christmas Stroll is a fun-filled affair, ideal if you are holidaying with your family or friends. Craft shows, performances, singing carolers, and special dinner offers are some of this event’s highlights. Dress appropriately and hit the streets to be part of the Christmas Stroll.

Appreciate Nantucket’s History

If you love history, you can spend your holiday learning more about this island. Begin your Nantucket history appreciation quest by visiting the Whaling Museum. As mentioned earlier, this museum is the venue for Nantucket’s Festival of Trees. Apart from the fantastic display of Christmas trees, you can check out the eleven galleries and the many artifacts collected that are centuries old.

The other establishment to check on is the Museum of African American History. It is one of the largest museums in New England and is home to more than 3000 items that showcase the history of African Americans. This museum holds several events and exhibitions.

Do not conclude your history appreciation tour without visiting the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum, the Jethro Coffin House, and the Historic Mitchell House. Confirm the opening times and buy a ticket to visit these museums.

Time For Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is a crucial part of celebrating the holidays. Nantucket has several shopping hubs that you can check out. The Christmas Stroll is an excellent time to shop as you can get impressive discounts from various stores.

Downtown Nantucket is home to various apparel stores that stock designer items. The stores include Stephanie’s, where you can peruse bags, purses, footwear, and rugs. Salt Boutique is the place to be for dresses, jumpsuits, shoes, loungewear, and jewelry.

For kids’ shopping, you have Peachtree Kids, where you get boys, girls, and baby clothing. The store deals in renowned brands like See Kai Run, Angel Dear, and Hatley. Pinwheels and Murray’s Toggery Shop are other places to pass by for children’s stuff.

Enjoy Refreshments At Cisco Brewers

After a long day exploring the island, you can sit down for a couple of drinks at Cisco Brewers. This joint has a calm ambiance that will have you feeling at home. You can sample the drinks, like a mug of beer, a glass of wine, cocktails, and hard teas.

The live music is incredible, and you may make friends as you pass the time. Cisco Brewers also holds festivals on its grounds. You might be lucky and bump into one of them, an assurance of a fun-filled moment.


Nantucket’s cuisine is impressive, primarily featuring seafood – your taste buds will have a rush if you love seafood. You can start your Nantucket culinary trip by checking in to The Downyflake for breakfast. It is a family-owned establishment that has been around for over 87 years and is famous for its tasty doughnuts.

Apart from the doughnuts, you may try the blueberry scones, raspberry brambles, or Scotch Irish cake. You may go savory for breakfast and order hash and eggs, ham and beans, or biscuit and sausage gravy. Pick a preferred beverage from coffee, freshly squeezed juice, and hot chocolate.

For lunch, the Corner Table Café is perfect for a satisfying platter of roasted salmon, garlic thyme steak, curry chicken salad, or sesame noodles. This establishment also holds parties and events.

Straight Wharf and CRU are some of the best places for fine dining. Moreover, you may visit the Island Kitchen, The Green, and Crosswinds Restaurant for a taste of Nantucket’s exemplary cuisine.


While winter is not the best time to fish in Nantucket, a trial won’t hurt. It is an excellent pastime activity that can be great for bonding with your family over a cup of hot chocolate and other snacks.

The go-to fishing spots on this island include Brant Point, Madaket Harbor, North Atlantic, Great Point, and Nantucket Sound.

Luck may be on your side, ending up with the false albacore, striped bass, mahi mahi, bonito, or bluefish tuna. Have a local guide lead you through to improve your success rate.

A Photography Session

You should carry a camera when visiting Nantucket, as there are plenty of memories and monuments to capture. If you are into photography, you will fancy shots of the beach. During winter, the beaches have low traffic, and you can have a clear shot of the icy-looking ocean.

The lighthouses are photography-worthy spots that you must visit while on the island. The three distinct-looking lighthouses in Nantucket are Brant Point, Sankaty, and Great Point.

Moreover, capture the city center, which looks exotic courtesy of its architecture.


Nantucket is vibrant all year round, including the winter. It is a great destination for your Christmas holidays, with several activities for you to join in. You are sure of a fun and memorable vacation, especially if you are with your family.

Plan early for your Christmas vacation in Nantucket for a fulfilling time.

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