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June 12, 2023
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  • Location: 1 Hanabea Ln Unit C, Nantucket, MA 02554, US
  • Contact: 508-901-5593
  • Social Media: Facebook

Nantucket Nutrition is an innovative wellness business run by Laura Smith, who washed ashore from Maine five years back.

Nantucket provided Laura the ground to realize her dream of helping people achieve their nutrition goals by infusing fun products and activities into the otherwise dull routines typical with regular nutrition plans.

Her business comprises a dine-in and delivery food service, lifestyle coaching, and nutrition products sales.

Here’s an in-depth look into the business.


The health food shop is located in the peaceful Hanabea Lane in Nantucket’s mid-island area. The wellness facility was developed by Laura’s husband, Jesse Smith, a licensed contractor and facilities director in Nantucket.

The spacious, elegant establishment features a well-stocked mini-bar where Laura conjures up her specialties, a café with a blackboard-style menu, and a private office with weighing and measuring equipment.


Laura’s choice of nutrition supplies is Herbalife’s products. Herbalife has gained a reputation as a leading wellness and nutrition product and supplement supplier in the U.S. and globally. Laura chose to be a Herbalife affiliate after successfully using Herbalife’s nutrition products to realize her weight-loss goal following her third pregnancy.

Nantucket Nutrition sells Herbalife nutrition supplements and products, including 3-day trial packs, 30-day tea kits, immune-boosting tablets, fun-inscribed water bottles, and more.

The food shop’s menu comprises hot & cold energy teas, protein coffees, healthy shakes, smoothies, and fruit pastries.

The options included in energizing teas comprise gluten-free boosted and lit options. Customers also have the option to select their preferred caffeine levels which include zero, half, boosted, and lit. The teas come in distinct or paired color options.

The shop’s menu also caters to the everyday athlete with the inclusion of pre-workout energy drinks and post-recovery shakes.

Its Kids’ menu is comic-hero-inspired. It features Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Elsa, Olaf, Ninja Turtle, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Accompanying nutritional add-on options are available alongside the primary food items. These include immunity essentials, boosters, probiotics, fiber, extra protein, belly fat burners, non-dairy vanilla, and more.

Laura includes a special menu during the holiday seasons and other occasions outside the usual items on the everyday menu.


The business has a dine-in café where customers order the items on the menu and may get recommendations from the server based on their preferences.

Nantucket Nutrition also offers comprehensive and personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching services. The service caters to anyone, from athletes, overweight persons, and individuals with other health-related needs.

Tea Drop delivery is a prominent feature of Nantucket Nutrition’s services. It is popular with institutions on the island. Staffers and students get served choice energy teas and pose for group photos.

Customers within the island may order Nantucket Nutrition’s products via the Engage App, pay online, and have their orders fulfilled in time. Shoppers can access the shop’s QR code on the Facebook page to easily access its Engage profile.

Nantucket Nutrition incorporates a Gifts Program during the holiday season where customers can purchase gift certificates and nutrition supply kits for their loved ones.

Operational Hours

Nantucket Nutrition opens Monday-Saturday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. It has varied schedules during different seasons, such as Winter & Holidays. Laura updates the time schedules on Nantucket Nutrition’s Facebook page. She also gives her customers a heads-up when she does not open the shop due to sickness or personal commitments.


Nantucket Nutrition runs an exciting live-on-screen Tea Drop Raffle program on its Facebook page. The page’s followers get to nominate a business of their choice beforehand.

Laura then makes tickets of selected businesses, shuffles the raffle, and picks a ticket randomly. The raffle-winning business is then required to get in touch with Laura to organize their choice of drinks and delivery time the next day.

Nantucket Nutrition organizes a periodic six-week Weight-Loss Challenge program. Rewards include cash and other prizes for winners. It has also partnered with other Health-based institutions like the Nantucket Health Club to increase the competition’s prize pool rewards.

The business also includes drinks sampling in its holiday season promotions for customers desiring to try something new for free.

Giving Back Initiatives

Nantucket Nutrition often occasionally rewards community service members in its giving-back program. The reward usually features free choice drinks.

Its past awardees include veterans on Veterans Day and firefighters after a gallant fire rescue operation.

Nantucket Nutrition has also collaborated with A Safe Place Nantucket to collect gifts from customers under its “giving tree” at the shop during Christmas time for victims housed by the institution.

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