Nantucket Public Schools
May 2, 2023
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Nantucket is home to almost 3,200 school-age children. It’s no wonder schools are a topic of interest. Nantucket is an exciting place for students to grow and explore from the classroom to the community. Let’s learn about the educational opportunities available on this island.

Nantucket Elementary School, Intermediate School, and Cyrus Pierce Middle School

Public schools were reaching the limits of educational capacity for younger students. Thankfully, the Nantucket Intermediate School came to the rescue in 2017. The $45 million project allowed grades three through five to experience a new building while Pre-kindergarten through second grade stayed in the original Nantucket Elementary School. This was a great boon for the city, providing much-needed space for students to learn and grow.

Cyrus Peirce Middle School is a place that offers a range of sports opportunities to students in grades six to eight, from field hockey to soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball. Not only do they get to practice and compete with local teams, but they also have the chance to travel to nearby towns to participate in games.

Nantucket New School

In 1985, Nantucket welcomed its first private school. From preschool up to grade eight, this school fosters strong student-teacher relationships and encourages community participation.

Education doesn’t end after the school bell rings. In 2010, the school joined forces with Strong Wings in an adventure school and summer camp. The students may explore the Whaling Museum, the Maria Mitchell Association, or the Nantucket Land Council. Older students embark on an annual journey to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, while younger ones visit Plimoth Plantation.

Nantucket Lighthouse School

This is the island’s newest educational institution, having opened its doors in 2000. It provides an excellent learning environment for children aged 3 to 14. The small school allows the youngest students to begin their educational journey by focusing on math, daily gratitude, and a celebration of individualism. One of the most remarkable aspects of this school is its outdoor garden and greenhouse, where students are actively encouraged to get involved in growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Additionally, the school hosts an annual Yuletide Fair fundraiser each December.

Nantucket High School

Students in grades 9-12 have one choice for schooling, and the steadily increasing. To make the most of winter, students can try out various activities such as field hockey, swimming, tennis, and sailing or join one of the many clubs like the school newspaper Veritas, the culinary club, or the quiz bowl team. With so many activities available, students are kept well entertained during the cold winter months.

Nantucket Community School

The Nantucket Community School offers something for everyone – from early childhood playgroups and dance classes to driver education and career training. Adults can also take advantage of CPR certification programs, language classes, and more.

One of the highlights of the school is the Nantucket Community Pool. The pool is home to the youth swim team and other teams and is open for family swims and individual workouts. To find out when the pool is open, simply check the online schedule.


The island has no universities, so if you want to pursue higher education, you must take a trip to the mainland. On Nantucket, a shop called the University of Nantucket offers distinctive, top-notch island apparel.

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