The Best Taxi Service Provider in Nantucket – TACKzee
October 19, 2022

You are finally in Nantucket – Yeiyy! You can’t wait to start exploring the island and have the time of your life. But there is a slight problem, you do not have a private car and do not want to use public means.

No need to worry, you can get a taxi. However, not just any taxi service provider will do. Some get swamped with requests, especially during high peak seasons such that you may not get a ride when you need it most.

Picture a beautiful night with friends, where you go club hopping, and after a fun night, it’s time to go home. But you can’t find a taxi – such a downer! Right?

To avoid such a scenario, as soon as you get to Nantucket, download the TACKzee app. It helps connect you to Nantucket taxis at any time of the day. No matter the season, you will not get stranded!

TACKzee’s Impressive Perks

TACKzee is considered the best taxi service provider in Nantucket, and with good reason. Its advantages include:

Fair Rates All Year Round

Usually, during peak seasons such as summer, other taxi service providers surge their prices to take advantage of the traffic. This can be quite an inconvenience to your budget.

Saving a coin here or there will come in handy to maximize your visit. TACKzee’s rates are fair, regardless of the season. The app uses Nantucket’s standard bus fare rates, plus a small app booking fee.

Available 24/7

The app has signed up plenty of taxis, thus is able to adequately meet demand even during busy seasons. You can, therefore, rest assured that you will quickly and easily find a taxi whenever you need one.

Local Drivers

As mentioned above, taxi drivers flock to the island during busy seasons to take advantage of the ready market. This includes drivers from the mainland and other surrounding regions. Those who use their services can be at a disadvantage as these drivers do not match the compliance and oversight of local drivers.

The local authority requires that drivers be fully-licensed to operate – they dictate the oversight and compliance.

Other than being fully licensed, Nantucket’s local drivers are fingerprinted and have expensive insurance covers. Moreover, they are well-versed with the island and can drive you to its hidden gems.

TACKzee only enlists local drivers making its services reliable, secure, and convenient.

How TACKzee Came To Be

TACKzee is not the only taxi app on the island. There’s also Uber and Lyft, which have been operational for quite some time. However, they do not fulfill the taxi needs of the island.

TACKzee app creator Kruse says that the idea to create Tackzee came to him after they failed him in his hour of need. He had hitched a ride to Sianconset for dinner and had hoped to get a taxi back.

However, after dinner, he was disappointed to discover that the 3 ½ Mile uber ride back home would cost him $50. He then turned to other local cab companies but couldn’t get a taxi to come his way as they were either doing business in Madaket or downtown.

“There has to be a better way,” he thought.

There and then, the TACKzee idea was born. It would provide reliable taxi services and, unlike Uber and Lyft, which surge their prices depending on the seasons and time of day, TACKzee would provide standard fare charges throughout the year.

His idea was much welcomed by local taxi drivers who faced stiff competition from Uber and Lyft as they couldn’t compete with technology.

According to Kruse, most of these drivers confessed that they had been left out in the cold. So, when they heard of his app and its friendly and convenient terms, they quickly signed up.

The TACKzee app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

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