Nantucket Yoga Classes
April 24, 2023

Yoga is a great way to boost your physical and mental well-being. It can help you become stronger and more flexible and help you unwind. For a small island, Nantucket has a remarkable range of yoga classes and programs. No matter your experience level, there’s a yoga class that’s perfect for you. Here are some that you can enjoy throughout the year and another that is only open during the summer.

Supta Yoga

Supta Yoga Nantucket, located at 9 Amelia Drive, is open daily and ready to accommodate individual and group private instruction requests. This community-focused studio strives to offer a unique expression of yoga and movement while respecting ancient techniques and traditions. It provides an accessible practice that is meant to invigorate and motivate. It’s a preventative healing modality that encourages self-care and promotes an active lifestyle. Supta Yoga Nantucket strives to provide a dynamic and inspiring experience for all.

They have Weekly and Speciality Offerings. The Weekly is Root to Rise – A practice to steady and boost your inner being, accessible to everyone. Freestyle Flow – An energizing, thoughtfully arranged vinyasa practice with a peak pose and intentional theme. Yang/Yin – Balance of yin and yang energies through movement and release. Free-form – A practice inspired by elements like the season, atmosphere, and collective energy.

Mellow Yoga – A gentle practice to create movement in the subtle body, with props and time to find your flow. Yin – A quiet and reflective practice, with postures held for 3-5 minutes to target deep tissues. Restorative – Yoga with props to be in the postures to relax body, mind, and spirit. Forty Twenty – A 60-minute session of active vinyasa practice for 40 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of restorative yoga.

Some of the Special are Beginners + Restorative – Alignment and relaxation for all levels to introduce basics and build a mind-body connection. Gentle Men’s Yoga – A practice tailored for male practitioners. Prenatal Yoga – Breath, strength, and postures to bring balance to the pelvis, so you can fully experience your pregnancy. Bhakti Yoga – A simple way to connect to your inner guidance and feel divine energy for all.

The prices vary depending on the type of class card: $27 for a single class, $185 for one month of unlimited classes, and others. They also offer special year-round freedom membership deals – $145 for an auto-renewing monthly membership. No matter your budget, they have a class card for you! You can check another class card and Class Schedule on their website.

Dharma Yoga

At Dharma Yoga provide both group and private classes tailored to your needs. No matter your level, age, weight, or flexibility, they meet you where you are and support your progress with regular practice. Their classes include Hatha, Restorative, Sivananda, Dharma, and Aerial Yoga.

At Bartlett’s Farm, classes are offered on the second floor. Mats, straps, and blocks are available, so make sure to come dressed in something comfortable. Exercising with an empty stomach is optimal, so steer clear of large meals two hours before. Feel free to sip water before and after your session, and if there are any injuries or medical issues, make sure to inform the teacher. A single class costs $30, while a 10-pack of classes costs $230. Year Rounder Cards are also available upon request.

Pre-register for your space in  Zoom Class. You’ll receive the link to the Zoom Room 30 minutes before class starts. Rates for a single class costs $19, or you can get a 10-class card for $180 or a 20-class card for $320. Also, they offer a rental service; you can access one of their recorded live classes for up to 72 hours. Most of our classes last one hour so that you can get the most out of your practice.

They have limited space for in-person classes, so pre-register quickly! Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before the class starts. If you’re on the waitlist, they will be sure to let you know if a spot opens up via email. For more details, you can find the current schedule here.

1111 Nantucket

1111 Nantucket provides an array of amenities for your yoga experience. Rental mats from Lululemon for premium comfort, hand towels for wiping away sweat, and cold and warm lavender eye cloths for ending heated and restorative classes.

At their studio, they offer a plethora of yoga classes that can cater to all kinds of people. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced yogi, you can find a class tailored to your needs.

  • Core Flow

Core Flow is a vinyasa-style class with an extra boost of heat and core exercises. This class strengthens and balances your body and mind as you flow from posture to posture, connecting your breath. You might dive deeply into a ‘peak’ posture or a fresh transition or sprinkle in creative flow sequences to keep you physically and mentally engaged. The room has added humidity to help warm your muscles, avoid overstraining and maximize detoxification. All in all, Core Flow is an excellent way to get your body and mind in shape while having fun in the process.

  • Hot 26

Hot 26 is heated up to a toasty 102-105 degrees. This yoga practice fuses traditional Hot Yoga with Heated Core Flow, creating a more meditative experience from mindful movements and longer-held postures. Each class includes an intense core series and a detoxifying full-body workout. Chatarungas is not a part of this class, as the heat and core series are enough to get your heart rate up and your body sweating. Hot 26 offers a unique combination of energizing and calming elements to help you achieve the ultimate mind-clearing focus.

  • Intro to Core Flow

Intro to Core Flow is the ideal class for those new to yoga, returning to practice, or wanting to refresh their fundamentals. You will move slowly, breaking down postures, and they are explaining them in detail. You’ll gain core strength and stability during this invigorating class, the perfect starting point before taking our Core Flow class. This class is structured the same but is not heated, and you’ll learn the basics of vinyasa yoga.

  • Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a high-energy combination of hot yoga, bodyweight circuit training, and cardio boot camp. To the beat of motivating music, you’ll be guided through a warm-up, an arms, abs, glutes, and legs series, a cardio series, and a cool-down and surrender series. It’s all happening in a room heated between 92-95 degrees.

  • Long & Lean

Long & Lean is a moderate-paced, sixty-minute session focused on mindful, controlled movement and breathwork. They prioritize lengthening postures, breathing smoothly, and transitioning seamlessly. They aim to stretch out and relax the body rather than exhaust it with strength-building exercises. They’ll help you reduce aches and stiffness while preserving your body’s length and suppleness. The temperature is carefully adjusted to suit the changing seasons: 88° in Spring, Fall, and Winter, and 84° in Summer, with a constant chill in the air.

  • Restorative & Yin by Candlelight

This 60-minute class is a relaxing combination of Yin and Restorative yoga, complemented by the therapeutic effects of infrared heat. Practitioners are guided through various supported and reclined poses while basking in the soft, candlelit atmosphere. Breathwork and gentle cues help the practitioner reach a state of stillness and relaxation.

The session is a blend of guided meditation and silence with soft music. To bring the class to an end, a warm lavender towel is placed over the eyes, followed by a well-deserved savasana to leave the body recharged and restored.

You can check their schedules here and also book a class for yourself.

Clients have two hours to make any changes or cancellations to their reservations before the class starts. If a client does not show up or cancels within this time frame, a $12 cancellation fee will be charged. The pass will be forfeited if a client has a package or drop-in. This policy is non-negotiable.

The Nantucket Hotel

Located at 77 Easton Street, this is the perfect spot for your yoga journey. They offer sessions with Patricia Doloff as the resident yoga instructor, and her presence is why so many flocks to the Nantucket Club & Spa. With different classes to choose from each week, such as Beginner and Gentle, Vinyasa, and Advance Power Flow, there’s something for everyone. Check another here. With this variable approach, you can develop a balanced body while avoiding repetitive motion injuries that can come from doing the same thing every day.

We’ll be taking a deep dive into breathing techniques, stretching, and equilibrium exercises. Plus, we’ll be working on strengthening and toning our bodies. You’ll have a renewed sense of peace and vitality when you leave. The Nantucket Club provides plenty of membership options to fit your individual needs, and you can choose between year-round, seasonal, monthly, and weekly plans.

Yoga with a View

Yoga with a View offers a unique outdoor experience! Join a vinyasa class and soak in the harbor’s beauty from a comfortable covered patio. No matter your level of expertise, everyone can join! Owner and instructor Bettina Broer has been practicing yoga since 1978 and teaching it for more than two decades. With her extensive experience, you are in good hands!

The Bandstand at Children’s Beach is where classes run from June 23 through Labor Day. You can go from Monday through Saturday from 7:30 to 8:30 am without reservation. So go practice yoga in the great outdoors with Yoga with a View!

If you’re interested in trying it out, got several pricing options available. Adults can pay $25 per class or opt for a 10-pass for $235. Teens and kids can join for $20 and $15, respectively; mat rentals are just $2.

Mind Body Sea

  • Location: 3 Old South Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, US
  • Contact: 508-332-2546
  • Website:

Mind Body Sea offers yoga, fitness, and more. Caitlin Marcoux, an instructor with over a decade of practice, has developed a signature style by blending yoga, music, and dance-influenced flow. Drawing on her struggles, including losses and several battles with cancer, Caitlin has been able to impart strength and wisdom in her teaching. Book a one-on-one session or get together with friends in the comfort of your home, on the trails, or at the beach. Caitlin will customize a plan to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Mind Body Sea offers Yoga for Cancer Care, an inviting class for those on their cancer journey. Whether you’re just starting, in the middle of treatment, or on the road to recovery, this class is open to you and your loved ones. No prior yoga experience is needed, as the postures are simple. Connect with other cancer survivors in the comfort of your home through Zoom – and best of all, it’s free! This class allows you to practice yoga and meditation in a safe space.

SUP Yoga – the perfect way to combine yoga and the ocean! Traditional yoga poses are adapted to the aquatic environment, helping practitioners connect with both their bodies and the surrounding water. Private SUP Yoga sessions are the perfect way to spend time with friends or alone on the water. During these personalized classes, practitioners can create a practice that fits their individual needs and interests.

Mind Body Sea offers an online library featuring streaming yoga and fitness classes whenever you need them. There’s something for everyone here with a range of 45-minute Yoga Sculpts, 60-minute Restorative Yoga, and 50-minute Dynamic Vinyasa. Take the time to relax, rejuvenate, and find balance when you choose Mind Body Sea.

Nantucket Yoga

  • Location: 9 Amelia Dr, Nantucket, MA 02554, US
  • Contact: 508-333-6816
  • Website:

Jessica Jenkins has been running Nantucket Yoga since 2013, and she offers both individual and group sessions that can be booked by appointment. You can easily reserve a private session by emailing your desired date, or you can book your private class on her live calendar without needing to make a deposit. These private sessions start at $175. She works from Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm., Saturdays,  from 7 am to 5 pm.

Jessica’s teaching style is tailored to each student, focusing on precision and the freedom to move. Breath sequencing is an integral part of her classes, and she has mats, blocks, and straps that can accommodate up to 25 people.

Yoga by Marjory Trott

Marjory Trott has a class for you, no matter your child’s age – whether ten months old or 11+ years old! For all of her yoga classes, no pre-registration is required. She has many movement and yoga classes to keep the family fit and entertained. Besides, she also provides private classes tailored to groups, such as families, schools, camps, corporate groups, etc., at any preferred location.

She has these classes to offer:

Dance(Sing) Movement is perfect for children aged ten months to 3 years old with their grown-ups. It’s a chance to explore their growing skills through movement and music and enjoy various early childhood songs and activities.

The 3-6-year-olds can join the Dance(Sing) Movement class for fun. Through dance, songs, and stories, they can develop their expressive and listening skills, physical coordination, and self-confidence.

Yoga for Kids is a fantastic way to teach the fundamentals of yoga, combining breath, asana, interactive stories, and relaxation to create balance, strength, and flexibility while also encouraging respect for self and others. If you want to involve the entire family, family yoga is an option for all ages.

Circus yoga is a great way to have fun and be mindful. CircusYoga is an exciting mix of yoga, games, and inventions. It’s a chance to try out circus skills, Thai yoga massage, partner yoga, and creative movement. It’s all about communication, being brave, and making connections. It’s a great way to have fun and explore different activities. If you want more information, feel free to check out her website.

So, no matter your yoga goals, Nantucket has something for everyone. Unlock the secrets of this island and indulge in a practice that will bring you peace and joy.

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