The Best of Nantucket Pizza
February 8, 2023

Sometimes you need a break from bagels, chips, burgers, lobster and the like. Bet you agree that pizza is always a great go-to.

Nantucket is excitingly rich in pizza joint options for a small island. Whether you prefer a thick or thin crust or mushroom with green pepper topping, Nantucket hosts a variety of options for each pizza lover.

Here are among the best pizza joints on the island.

1. Oath Craft Pizza

Found at 44 Straight Wharf, Oath Craft Pizza oasis is not your ordinary pop-in. It started as a small shack on the harbor line and has remained resilient and outstanding over the years. The quality of their pizza is so good and well-loved that the original shack has grown to a dozen locations across the island and a roadside food truck.

The joint refers to their pizza as ‘craft pizza’ and uses only high-quality, seasonal ingredients and natural meat in their dishes.

Oath Craft Pizza is a great choice if you like to get creative with toppings. Every pizza is created to order on a thin crust and only takes minutes to cook in their unique oven.

Presenting a Chipotle-design assembly line, you may choose your preferred sauces, meat, cheese, drizzles, and veggies to craft your pie. Oath even offers a gluten-free crust option for those into healthy eating.

Place your order at the shack, and enjoy your pizza at the table’s view of Nantucket harbor. The harbor makes Oath Craft Pizza the most scenic pizza joint on the island.

The only hiccup is that the joint is only open for Nantuckett’s short summer season and closes in Mid-September. Please take advantage of it while its doors are still open.

2. Sophie T’s Pizza

Sophie T’s has been a Nantucket favorite, dating from the 2000s. Their trademark is the standard New York style, with huge, floppy slices on a thin crust.

Their Class ACR’T pizza presents you with bacon and scallops, an artistic twist on a classic island appetizer. Topped with diced tomatoes and pesto is their special White Pizza.

Generally, Sophie T’s accords you the best classic, no-joke pizza on Nantucket. Whatever pizza you try, you may eat at their honey dining area if you stay for a while. You are also free to engage their delivery services at will.

You will find Sophie T’s at 7 Daves Street. The pizza grab-and-go opens most of the year, only closing to take a much-needed break for three weeks in February.

 3. Pi Pizzeria

It is located at 11 West Creek Road in a Nantucket shingle-sided cottage. Pi Pizzeria is well known for its Neapolitan traditional-style pizzas. Believe it or not, their dough and sauce are made from scratch daily in a 900-degree oven.

Do you seek a high-end pizza stop? Pi fits your profile. They give you thin, chewy dough and easy toppings. Their larger menu contains pasta themes and Italian classics like chicken parm and minestrone.

The Rustica pizza is the most fancied of their recipes, which comes with stracchino cheese, fresh arugula, and pancetta.

You can sit anywhere in their wood-paneled, cozy dining room or at the full bar and down your pizza with one of their Italian drinks.

Please take advantage of the Pizzeria during the summer months, before winter, as it closes from around Mid-January to Mid-March.

4. Shangri-La Kitchen

At Shangri-La Kitchen, located at 149 Orange Street, you will enjoy pizza accompanied by sushi, dumplings, and curries. Here, you get the option to choose how your pizza is made or pick from one of their crafts.

Do you love originality? They have you covered. Every sauce and dough is made at the shop, and each pizza is topped with only the best of the market’s ingredients. Shangri-La’s ACK Pie is an innovative supper twist of the Golden Caprese – It packs shrimp with mozzarella, basil, and tomato.

Shangri-La Kitchen allows customers to sit in and down their pie with their preferred drink or without. Try the delivery option if you want to experience Shangri-La Kitchen in a different setup.

This joint is one you can visit all year round.

5. Fusaro’s

Fusaro’s welcomes you to 17 Old South Rd and offers excellent, even extraordinary, service. The Italian restaurant is loved for its full menu, pasta dishes, and sea of pizza options.

Their pies are massive. The special Tuskan Chicken incorporates gorgonzola and mozzarella sauce, whereas their Anastasia features mushroom, artichoke, and truffle oil.

If you are looking to sit in, their dining room is great. When you share a pie with friends, Fusaro’s boasts an outdoor patio for just that. Takeout is a great option if you are not in the mood for either.

The pizza joint’s location is out of town, making it a great choice if you want to avoid the crazy summer traffic and have a relaxed ambiance away from the bustle.

6. Wicked Island Bakery

Upon entry, you are greeted by a blend of strong scents from sugary morning buns, fresh croissants, and breakfast sandwiches. These are but the tip of the iceberg. Wait until you taste their pizza! There is no place you can enjoy a perfect doughy and crispy crust blend like Wicked Island Bakery.

Each of their pies is hand stretched and sprinkled with your selected house-made sauce. You may choose herbs, red sauce, ranch, or blue cheese. Grab a freshly baked muffin or slice of their different cakes while at it. No choice from their vast menu disappoints!

You will find this bakery at the convenient edge of town, at 147 Orange Street. It operates all year round.

7. Steamboat Pizza

Steamboat Pizza is your perfect just-off-the-boat destination, with their name suggesting being around boats. You find the diner at 10 Broad Street on the fast food hub popularly referred to as “The Strip.”

They may not offer specialty or seating pizzas, but at the counter, you will find at least 18 topping options from which to select.

The cherry on the icing? Steamboat Pizza is one of the few joints that allow you to order a single slice, making it a great stop for an impromptu portion.

The diner has a simple, easy-going aura and has been in the market for over three decades. Hearty and sizzling is the best way to define their servings.

During the summer season, Steamboat delivers orders for only $5.

On the downside, whenever you think of stopping by Steamboat, be sure to have cash on you; they do not take cards. Also, they close from Mid October to May.

8. The Muse

Besides their bar scene and live band music, the Muse is well-known and frequented by locals for grab-and-go pizzas. It would be best if you call in to place your order, skip the town traffic and pass by 44 Surfside Road to pick up your pie while it’s hot. You can sit at one of their tables to enjoy your delicacy or take it home.

Their menu has a variety of toppings to select from, even though you may not find them online. Whatever topping you choose, be it mushroom, pepperoni, chicken, or something else, be sure it will feature a generous amount of cheese. The crust is of thick dough, bound to fill you up.

The Muse opens every Tuesday to Thursday from 4 p.m to 1 a.m and every Friday to Sunday from 12p.m to 1 a.m

 9. The Faregrounds

The Faregrounds is your go-to destination if you are interested in downing your pizza with a drink. Grab a seat and enjoy Fareground’s extra-large 18-inch pie, whose toppings you can choose from spinach, bacon, peppers, jalapenos, and many more.

The joint also offers specials like Shepherd’s Pie Pizza, featuring hamburgers, beef gravy, corn, and mashed potatoes.

There’s enough space to enjoy your pizza, whether at the bar with your friends or in the quiet dining area with family.

You can easily access the diner by car, bus, or bike, located only five minutes from town at 27 Fairgrounds Road. It is open to the public all year.

10. Old South Diner

Also known as the dragon by the sea, the Old South Diner is located at 57 Old South Road. The joint is popular for its unique blend of Chinese and  American (Traditional) pizzas.

The toppings choice is vast, varying from mushroom, pineapple, and pepperoni to peppers. The menu prices are affordable, and you also enjoy great customer care service.

The surroundings are calm and very casual, comfortable for all. The eatery offers sufficient space to eat inside, yet you may still opt for a delivery away from the premises.

They are operational all week, all year.


From the above-listed go-to’s, you can surely find several that will amaze you, if not take your breath away. Every order you make from any joint supports small, local shops, their families, and the community. Do have a fantastic pizza tour!


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