Proprietors Nantucket
January 15, 2023
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Nantucket, Massachusetts, is home to a restaurant and pub called The Proprietors. Ex-American Seasons’ owners Michael and Orla LaScola founded The Proprietors in 2013 to experiment with new directions in their profession. This eatery honors the island of Nantucket’s historic whalers by taking its name from those who first settled there.

The island’s varied whaling past is reflected in the exquisite fusion of global cuisines and locally obtained ingredients. The warm, rustic decor of this share-plate restaurant is a major draw for its patrons. The Proprietors’ menu ranges from appetizers to main courses, with the intention of allowing diners to sample a wide variety of foods. All of the dishes are meant to be shared among a large group, and many of them are vegetarian.

From the globally-inspired tastes and methods of the food to the festive ritual of eating together as a family, the Proprietors’ dining experience captures the essence of Nantucket’s storied past of sailors returning with abundance from their journeys.

Experience a taste of yesteryear at this restored mansion turned into a restaurant. It feels like you are in a rich sea captain’s mansion. The furnishings have a classic look that has been updated for the present. It’s quite homey and refined. The service and cuisine are both top-notch. The proprietors offer a wide variety of delicious options suitable for carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and anybody else with a healthy appetite.


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