Sankaty Head Golf Club
July 21, 2023

Many people know Nantucket as one of the finest tourist spots, especially in summer. There is plenty to love about this island beyond the stunning beaches, amazing people, and food. We are talking about Nantucket’s underrated golfing culture. Unknown to many, the island has some of the most significant golfing courses in the country, including Sankaty Head Golf Club. It is among the easternmost golf courses in Massachusetts and holds several golfing events.

If you are into golfing, you should spare some time and visit Sankaty Head Golf Course. Read on to learn more about it.

Sankaty Head Golf Club Background

Sankaty Head Golf Club is a private golfing spot established in 1923 by amateur golf enthusiast Emerson Armstrong. This 18-hole facility is among a handful of world-class link-style courses outside the UK. Upon its establishment, it became a formidable rival of the thriving Sconset Golf Course. With many patrons flocking to Sankaty, Sconset Golf Course underwent a dormancy spell.

Membership is open to people from various walks of life, though it’s limited to 550 members to prevent strain on facilities. Keeping up with its history, Sankaty Head Golf Club will admit qualified sponsored applicants.

The club prides itself in being affordable to avoid being financially restrictive to potential candidates.

A Tour of the Golf Course

Sankaty Head Golf Course is located in Siasconset, Nantucket’s eastern section. It is roughly 9 miles from the town center, a 20-minute drive. You can book a vacation rental in Siasconset for easy access to the facility. The golf course is breathtaking, with stunning views of the sea, Sankaty Head lighthouse, and the expansive land.


While golfing is the primary activity at Sankaty Head Golf Club, it also has tennis and beach facilities. It is an excellent recreational venue ideal for families and groups. As hinted, the course has 18 holes, perfect for a lazy day.

The clubhouse is at an opportune location, giving you an excellent view of the entire course, with the Sankaty head lighthouse providing a catchy backdrop. You can hold events at the clubhouse and take unique photos of the fascinating background scenery.

The beach club is another notable spot, with a snappy view of the Atlantic Ocean and Sesachacha Pond. You should visit it during sunsets to experience its fairyland-like essence.

The Caddy Camp

The golf course is home to the Sankaty Head Caddie Camp, one of the last operational camps of its kind in the world. The camp has been running since its founding in 1930 and has been recognized as a ‘Top 100 Classic Course’ by Golfweek Magazine.

The controlled camp setting instills values such as integrity, self-control, and independence in its young attendees. Moreover, it gives them a chance to make money and lifelong friends.

You can check Sankaty Golf Club’s website for oncoming events and contact information if you are interested in becoming a member.

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