Sconset Beach, Nantucket
April 15, 2023
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The village of Siasconset, more commonly referred to as Sconset, may be found about eight miles from the town of Nantucket on the easternmost tip of the island. This beautiful and scenic enclave was formerly a fishing village. Its humble, rose-covered cottages coexist with more luxurious modern residences in the neighborhood.

Visitors staying in Siasconset rental properties have easy access to the ocean beach since it is within walking distance of their accommodations. Also, guests may reach the beach by bicycle or using the NRTA bus service. It is possible to park at the beach, although there is very little space available. There are no public bathrooms or other amenities at the beach except for lifeguards on duty during the summer months.

Sconset Beach is often less busy than the other beaches on the island, and there is sufficient space on the sand for visitors to stretch out and find their own little enclave. On hot days, the wind provides the ideal amount of relief, keeping you cool and comfortable. The occasional presence of seals offers an opportunity for amusement. You can easily stroll to the beach from Sconset, making it convenient to carry food and beverages with you. Those who bring their children may also make use of the playground that is located nearby the beach.

This wide beach often has lots of room available on its powdery sands and frequently has strong waves. The surf is typically fairly active, and there are usually powerful undercurrents; as a result, it is enjoyable to paddle here, but you should use caution. Be on the lookout for curious seals that may unexpectedly appear near the shore. If you intend to walk on the white sand, you should bring flip-flops since the sand is extremely fine and soft, and during the summer, it may reach scorching temperatures.

Sconset Bluff Walk


Go along the Sconset Bluffs Walk, which is a public right of way that heads north from Front Street. This will provide you with the greatest views. It follows the rim of the cottage gardens that line the coastal cliffs all the way around. On one side are breathtaking views of the ocean and beach, while on the other, there are rose gardens. These views are just enchanting.

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