Sconset Golf Course, Nantucket
July 20, 2023
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Nantucket is synonymous with its bustling tourism sector, with the beaches and weather being the main attraction. While the beach is quite popular, some people prefer spending their time at the golf courses.

It may surprise many people to learn that Nantucket has golf courses. This is not the case among avid golfers and golfing enthusiasts, as they know the significance of Nantucket’s golf courses.

Sconset Golf Course is one of the popular attractions for golfers visiting the island, boasting a rich history. Where is the Sconset Golf Course? What is its significance? What can I do at the golf course? Read on to find answers to these questions and others about this golfing venue.

Sconset Golf Course Background

Siasconset Golf Course, or as it is commonly known, Sconset Golf Course, is among the oldest golf courses in the country and the oldest in Nantucket. This golfing destination was established in 1894 and was privately owned for many years until it was acquired by the Nantucket Land Bank in 2012.

Tourism was the push factor behind Sconset Golf Course’ creation in the late 19th century. John Grout wanted to take advantage of the booming tourism and took property under lease from Levi Starbuck Coffin, the owner. John Grout, with help from Alex Findlay, designed the golf course.

The newly established golf course flourished until its competitor, Sankaty Golf Course, emerged in 1922. The immense competition led to the Coffin family abandoning the golf course for years.

Sconset started as a 9-hole course before changing to 18-holes. Later, it reverted to its original 9-hole form. Since its creation, the golf course was unique, as it didn’t require tee times. However, things changed in May 2021, and tee times are a requirement.

Sconset Golf Course is under the same management as Miacomet Golf Course. Locals refer to it as Skinners Golf Club, named after its one-time co-owner, Robert ‘Skinner’ Coffin. He also hosted the annual Skinner Open golf tournament from 1977 to 2011.

Getting to Sconset Golf Course

The golf club’s location is towards the island’s far east in Sconset. Use Milestone Road if you are coming from the town center, which is roughly a 7-mile drive.

The golf course is expansive, with the clubhouse sitting majestically amid everything. The clubhouse was formerly a farmhouse.

What to Expect at Sconset Golf Course

You should pass by the golf course’s offices for admission and further guidance. Sconset Golf Club is a walking-only facility: it lacks a driving range, meaning golf carts are not allowed. Nonetheless, you can hire a pull cart from the clubhouse.

The dress code description is golf casual, meaning you should ditch the jeans and t-shirts to join in on the play. The golf club is strictly against shoes with metal spikes.

Sconset Golf Course is open to the public, providing an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones. You can carry your golfing gear from home or rent clubs from the office. The rates are reasonable, and kids can get amazing discounts. The facility is handicap accessible with amenities like handicapped parking and reinforced walkways.

Siasconset Golf Club is open seven days a week, and you can book a spot in advance. Contact the club’s management to make bookings or inquiries via call, email, and social media.

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