Scrimshander Gallery, Nantucket
July 6, 2023
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To many, Nantucket is a top tourist destination, with its beaches and weather being its primary attractions. However, there are plenty of goodies on this island that are discoverable by a keen eye. For instance, little is mentioned about Nantucket’s impressive art scene, immortalized by its many galleries and museums.

The Scrimshander Gallery is among the many art establishments dotting Nantucket, and it stands out courtesy of its scrimshaw works. There’s plenty to know and appreciate about this gallery. For your convenience, we will review Scrimshander Gallery to hint at what to expect when you visit it.

Introduction to the Scrimshander Gallery

The Scrimshander Gallery specializes in scrimshaw, a form of art that specializes in engraving and carving whale bones, teeth, and cartilage. Scrimshaw was a favorite pastime activity for whalers. Nantucket has a long association with whaling and is home to some of the finest pieces of this art form.

The gallery opened its doors in 1990, setting up shop on Old South Wharf. This was its location for 22 years before it shifted to its present location, 38 Center Street.

The Scrimshander is the creative haven for resident artist Mike Vienneau, who spent most of his early years in Duxbury, Massachusetts. He became interested in scrimshaw, pushed by boredom and curiosity, in his early teens. Eventually, he started getting scrimshawing gigs during his holidays in Nantucket. Coincidentally, his first gigs were at a store in the same building as his gallery’s current location.

Presently, Mike lives with his wife and dog in Nantucket. You may occasionally bump into his welcoming family members at the gallery.

Visiting the Scrimshander Gallery

The gallery is a 5–10-minute walk from the town center and is open all days from 10 am to 6 pm. You will easily spot it courtesy of its bold signage. Scrimshander Gallery’s atmosphere is calm, allowing you to enjoy the sights of the intricately displayed artworks, enhanced by the lighting.

The store has plenty of scrimshaw pieces that you can have on your wall, office desk, bedroom, or other preferred areas. They make excellent souvenirs. You may request custom pieces from the artist.

Visit Scrimshander Gallery’s website to see some of their works and learn more about their services.

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