Summer Shades, Nantucket: Cool Sunglasses and Eyewear
June 25, 2023
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If visiting Nantucket in the warmer months, sunglasses are a must-have accessory. They not only spice up your look but can also shield your eyes from the glaring sun. Among the best spots to grab some sunglasses in Nantucket is Summer Shades. The shop primarily stocks sunglasses & eyewear, so you can be sure to find a wide variety to choose from. Mossimo, Chanel, Salt, Prada,  Maui Jim, Oakley,  Oliver Peoples, Revo, and Ray-Ban are among the shop’s most popular brands.

Magret Thomson runs the store. She is friendly and enjoys devoting her time to helping customers find an ideal pick. According to her, it is an absolute joy to serve in the store as she meets people from all over the world. Moreover, she gets to help her son Andrew Aliberti (the owner), manage the shop. Before she took over, her son had hired a store manager. However, she could only work part-time, Monday to Wednesday; thus, in the long run, it wasn’t profitable. Magret decided to step in and take over.

She quickly grew fond of the shop and its surroundings, encouraging her to move into the apartment above the store. Thus, she stays and works there in the summer (from April through mid-October). When the shop closes in winter, she stays in Canton, Massachusetts.

It’s been 22 years now since she began managing the shop. Her charm and excellent service have significantly contributed to the growth and resilience of the business over the years. She plans to continue working at the shop over the long haul.

Summer Shades is also available in Martha’s Vineyard and Steamboat Springs. Check out its social media pages or website to find out its seasonal operational hours.

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