Tom Nevers Beach
May 22, 2023
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Tom Never, a part of the Nantucket Wampanoag Never family, is renowned for his whale-watching station located on the southeastern corner of the island. It was named after him: Tom Never’s Head. During the World War I period, when developers were trying to boost sales in the area, still the sign at the train station read “Tom Never’s Head.” Nowadays, the area developed thoroughly is simply referred to as Tom Nevers.

The serene Tom Nevers neighborhood offers a countryside atmosphere and plenty of privacy and lies a host of new and well-appointed dwellings. Here, residents and visitors alike appreciate the seclusion and idyllic countryside, 67% of which is protected conservation land. The location of Nevers is ideal, offering a peaceful atmosphere while still being easily accessible to the busy Town nearby. One of the area’s main attractions is Tom Nevers Beach, where visitors can soak up the ocean views and sun-drenched sands.

Tom Nevers Beach awaits at the end of Tom Nevers Road, located at the base of low cliffs. This serene spot isn’t widely known or simple to access; visitors can be sure of a tranquil and private day by the shore.

This beach offers no lifeguard or facilities. The surf can be powerful, and the sand is quite coarse; the waves are bigger, and there are more riptides, so caution is advised. It’s a great spot for a picnic, though it can often be foggy. It’s an excellent place for surfcasting because you will not find many people around here. Access to the beach may be tricky, but off-beach parking is available. Driving on the beach, however, is prohibited.

Suppose you need a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Tom Nevers Road is the perfect destination for you! Enjoy the tranquility of the area, and let your worries melt away!

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