Whale Watching, Nantucket
April 27, 2023
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Today, whales are a stunning sight that captivates us with their magnificent size and elegance. In the early to mid-19th century, Nantucket was one of the locations where whaling was an industry. The blubber of the whales was melted down to create oil.

Spotting whales from Nantucket’s shores is a rare, yet not unprecedented, occurrence. The whale watching season commences in mid-April when whales migrate to Massachusetts for their feeding grounds, and the ideal time for whale spotting is between June and September.

The North Atlantic Right Whales grace the southern coast of Nantucket, presenting a beautiful, tranquil sight. Humpback Whales also make occasional appearances, adding to the splendor. These creatures bring a sense of awe-inspiring magnificence to the area, captivating all who witness them. Sightings of these majestic sea creatures have drawn countless people to the Nantucket shore to catch a glimpse.

The North Atlantic Right Whale, in particular, is one of the most endangered large whale species. This, combined with the close proximity of the whales to the shore, makes their presence even more special. The reason for the whales’ arrival to Nantucket’s south shore is likely due to the abundance of food.

If you want to go whale watching, it will be good to keep an eye out for the marine weather forecast and keep in mind offshore water and weather conditions. Before you go, make sure to bring along some essential items: water, sunscreen, a lightweight windbreaker, and a hat. Bring your binoculars and camera as well – the whales are only sometimes as close to the shore.

These majestic creatures are a source of delight for the people lucky enough to witness them.

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